Amy Schumer Opens Up About Disastrous Paris Trip: "I Knew It Was Over"

Amy Schumer Opens Up About Disastrous Paris Trip: "I Knew It Was Over"

There was way more puke than romance happening.

By Alesandra Dubin

Amy Schumer shared some additional (pretty horrifying) details with Ellen DeGeneres during an episode of the show that airs today regarding a trip to Paris she took with her boyfriend that went seriously wrong. “Neither of us had ever been to France, because we're both trash,” she told DeGeneres regarding the seemingly innocent plan earlier in the year with Ben Hanisch. “And so we were like, ‘Let’s go.’ And so we go. We wanted to be romantic. It's an intimidating city." True indeed.

It was a good plan.... until both became seriously sick after an attack of food poisoning that took them both down — but afflicted Amy way worse, even landing her in the hospital. (What's worse — or scarier — than being hospitalized abroad?! Always weigh your travel insurance options.)

Schumer told Ellen that she and her man took turns using a bathroom in their hotel that had unfortunately paper-thin walls, affording little privacy during the dramatic event. She explained he was throwing up and she was dealing with a “machine gun” release from... the other end.

“I knew it was over,” Amy said jokingly about the relationship — using the trademark humor she was even able to keep during that awful time of illness. “I’m yelling at him, like, ‘It was so great dating you! I wish you the best luck! You’re gonna meet the greatest girl!’ But I knew, I knew it was over.”

Back on the September trip — when Amy was already sick, but didn't yet realize the severity — she posted a photo in which she ate soup at a table with a pretty epic Eiffel Tower view. She captioned it, ”Trying to eat chicken broth post puke fest.”

Trying to eat chicken broth post puke fest

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Later, she ended up in the hospital from the affliction — joking all the way. "No red flags with this girl," she captioned a photo of herself on a gurney.

No red flags with this girl

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She also spent her time in the hospital making a spoof video for a dating site; a dating app is actually the method she used to meet her man IRL!

Pretty fired up to meet someone

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Later in the night, she revealed the official cause of her discomfort: She posted a snap of herself in bed with Ben, captioning it, ”Thanks for everything Paris! Except the food poisoning. #nooooooooooo."

And now we know more of the details behind that major romance fail. (But A+ for trying for a love fest in the most romantic city on earth!)

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