Andrew Rannells Pens Heartfelt Essay About A Pre-Fame Night Gone Horribly Wrong

Andrew Rannells Pens Heartfelt Essay About A Pre-Fame Night Gone Horribly Wrong

The actor has one night from 2001 forever in his memory. 

By Personal Space Staff

In a powerful New York Times Modern Love essay about love and family - and yes, sex - Andrew Rannells, 38, tells about a night he'll never forget, when he found out his father suffered a sudden heart attack in the middle of a raunchy hookup.

In the essay, titled, "During a Night of Casual Sex, Urgent Messages Go Unanswered," he describes a night in 2001, when he was a voice over actor, before The Book Of Mormon or Girls, and living in Astoria, Queens. He was on a second date with a guy named Brad, and took him home for a hot hookup

Throughout the night he'd been ignoring his flip phone, with incoming calls from his sisters becoming more and more frequent, with urgent voicemails telling him to call home.

He writes:

"The conversation at dinner was dull but he laughed at almost everything I said, so for a comedy narcissist like me, he was an ideal companion. As we ate, my Nokia flip phone started ringing. It was my sister, Julie.

"I excused myself to use the bathroom and opened my phone again. Six more missed calls. My stomach dropped. I was now sober enough to know that something was very wrong.

"I started listening. Julie was in hysterics. Something about my dad falling and an ambulance. In the next message, Becky was calmer but shaken. A heart attack or stroke, they weren’t sure. Next: My mom telling me not to panic. Next: Julie telling me to panic."

The guy in his apartment is confused as to why the sudden crying, he remains naked while Andrew tries to figure out what to do. We won't tell you the ending, just go read it, it's fantastic. 

Andrew is also working on a book of essays.

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