8 Animals Who Are Definitely Gonna Go Blind from Today’s Solar Eclipse

8 Animals Who Are Definitely Gonna Go Blind from Today’s Solar Eclipse

This article is even darker than the eclipse itself.

By Kristyn Pomranz

The solar eclipse is coming! Or depending on what time you’re reading this, the solar eclipse already came and went! If you’re like most people across this great country of ours, you have been infected with Eclipse Mania—or perhaps Eclipse Malaise depending on your commitment to the unknowable universe and your interest in totality of darkness.

Despite the fact that it has been 38 years since the last solar eclipse, it has been drilled into all of our brains that you never look directly at a solar eclipse. The advice seemed moot until last week, when suddenly everyone in the path of the Great American Eclipse started snatching up solar eclipse-viewing safety glasses. But there is one little problem: SOME OF THEM ARE FAKE. Believe it or not, there are opportunists out there selling normal sunglasses as eclipse-viewing glasses; they only care about profit and not at all about us going blind.

And those who are getting most taken advantage of the most? Animals—who don’t know any better. So sadly, we present to you, eight animals who got scammed and are definitely gonna go blind from the solar eclipse. :(

Sorry, doggo, we know these look legit, but they are actually just normal sunglasses.

- @cookie_jrt 😎 #animalsinsunglasses

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Hate to break it to you bunny, but those are just your average aviators that aren’t going to protect your retinas from the burn of the sun.

Oh sheep, those shades aren’t going to do you any good at all!

😎 #animalsinsunglasses #sheepshades #catoctinmountainfarm #farm365 #sheep

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Actually, this cat will probably be okay as long as he stays inside?

Noooo… not this puppy in doggles!

- @winston_albino_hound 😎 #animalsinsunglasses

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Okay, it is pretty obvious that these are NOT solar-eclipse-viewing approved. THEY SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THEM, PUPPER! Wise up!

These don’t even fit.

When your cat is too cool for you 😎😻 #catsofinstagram #fatcat #bigbirty #catswearingsunglasses #oldladycat

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Y’know…these don’t look official but they might still do the job?

Sunglasses:D #swaggypiggy #guineapigsunglasses #carrots #carrotsunglasses

A post shared by Charlise Fuzzypaws MacDonald (@charle_the_guinea_pig) on

Sorry baby goat—you’re screwed.

Goats with sunglasses are cooler than goats without sunglasses. #goatsinsunglasses

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