Valentine's Day Hater? 7 Restaurants That Will Reward You for Your IDGAF Attitude

Valentine's Day Hater? 7 Restaurants That Will Reward You for Your IDGAF Attitude

Forget drowning your sorrows and celebrate in style this V-Day.

By Aly Walansky

Not all of us are going to be engaging in mushy couple prix-fixe surf and turf next week. For anyone who is currently in IDGAF status about romance, take heart in the knowledge that plenty of restaurants out there will welcome you with open arms. Here's what they have in mind for the anti-V-Day crowd:

1. Haters Menu

At Seattle’s Bookstore Bar & Café, chef Eric Rivera has a "Haters" menu planned for the night. The TVs will be playing cheesy break-up movies all night long, and "hater" guests will be seated at the bar’s communal table enjoying charred beef hearts or a huge steak for one, served with potatoes and not a single vegetable because… who cares. Plus expect a big bowl of ice cream or an Up in Flames (the hottest hot chocolate dessert).

2. Bittersweet Treats

San Francisco’s The Ice Cream Bar & Soda Fountain is known for its house-made sodas, floats and adults-only desserts and libations. For those not feeling Valentine’s Day this season, they have a special menu available only February 9-14: It includes custom spirits-infused tipples for the city’s bitter singles and “sweet” treats with funny messages written on them for the sour.

3. Broken Heart Brunch

The Fainting Goat in Washington, D.C is hosting an Anti-Valentine's Day brunch called Broken Heart Brunch, complete with a Broken Heart Brunch menu and bottomless Goat-Mosas and Bloody Goats to drown sorrows. The menu includes everything from “I Thought We Were On A Break” (soft scrambled eggs with goat feta cheese, avocado and tomato confit); “I’m Not Ready For A Commitment” (crispy pork with sunny side up egg, salsa verde and fingerling potatoes); and “It’s Not You It’s Me” (French toast with Nutella, blueberries and bacon). And wait, there's more: The “Let’s Just Be Friends” quiche with grilled shrimp, goat cheese and green onion, and the “Wasn’t It An Open Relationship?”, otherwise known as "eggs in a basket" with Serrano ham and red-eye gravy.

4. Love Bites

At Boulton & Watt in New York City, chef David Rotter will be serving up "Love Bites" cones for the occasion. The mini cones are filled with rose gelato, dark chocolate and orange zest, and topped with pistachio brittle. At just $10, they're perfect to share with friends, a significant other, an insignificant other—or just keep them all to yourself.

Photo credit: Ryan Gleason.

5. Third Wheel Drink Specials

Edgar’s Proof & Provision in Atlanta is hosting a Third Wheel Party instead of a traditional Valentine’s Day dinner, and encouraging couples to bring a single friend in to enjoy 3-for-2 drink specials. The single friends also have the chance to enter in a raffle to win free rounds of drinks and interact with other single guests.

6. Bar of Horrors

Single friends can gather at Bar Rouge at the Kimpton in Washington, D.C. and recount relationship horror stories over bitter cocktails and some of the least romantic movies ever made during the Bitter Valentine’s Day Event on February 14. On offer: specialty cocktails made with an array of bitter spirits crafted by lead bartender Naderia Wynn, and inspired by new and old relationship thriller films such as “Single White Female,” which will play throughout the bar.

7. Mystery over Misery

Tavern on Little Fort in Chicago’s North Center will host a “Love Bites" anti-Valentine’s Day party where guests will compete to win a "Mystery Misery" prize by writing the funniest Mad Libs Love Letter. The snarky soundtrack will include songs like "Single Ladies" by Beyoncé, "I Will Survive" by Cake, "So Sick" by Ne-Yo and more. The evening will include a cherry vodka, ginger ale and grenadine cocktail called, fittingly, Love on the Rocks.

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