Apparently Sex-Robot Tourism Is the Next Big Thing

Apparently Sex-Robot Tourism Is the Next Big Thing

The opening of a naughty-doll brothel in Spain may foretell a more high-tech trend.

Headed to Barcelona? Well, lucky for you — if you're into freaky stuff — there is a sex-doll brothel newly opened and ready for your visit to the city. And if you're not into that, we're here to bring you the perhaps surprising news that a lot of people are. And it doesn't stop there either.

The company Lumidolls supplies realistic dolls at its brothel with options like European Kati and Asian Lili. According to the website, "They are totally realistic dolls, both in the movement of their joints and in the touch, that will allow you to fulfill your fantasies without any limit". You can actually the hotel ahead of time how you want your doll to be dressed. The cost is $120 per hour.

Realistic sex dolls have been a craze in Japan and China for a long time, but this is the first brothel designed for them. Forbes claims that this new trend is leading up to full-on sex-robots: "The sex dolls brothel is the first public display of a fast-growing trend as manufacturers work to create uncannily realistic sex robots programmed to fulfill the fantasies of people ready to couple with a machine."

Scientists are actually already working on this. There is even a conference for engineers and coders called, rather straightforwardly, Love And Sex With Robots. It's in London this year. Folks from the conference say a robot-sex-doll could be ready within a year and will cost about $15,000.

Forbes also shared excerpts from Spiegel Magazine, in whichexperts say sex with humans could soon be a thing of the past. (Yeah, no.) They foresee robot strippers too, so your next trip to Vegas just got weirder.

They're saying that these robot-dolls could change tourism as we know it as they continue to pop up at resorts around the world: "Like Barcelona's, but with dolls enhanced by artificial intelligence, it's reasonable to expect such holiday resorts could become popular tourist destinations."

What a time to be alive.

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