Are These Million-Dollar Dinners the Most Extravagant Food Experiences Ever Created?

Are These Million-Dollar Dinners the Most Extravagant Food Experiences Ever Created?

Welcome to Feast Week! Today we look at the world's most extravagant food experiences—vote for your pick!

By The Feast Staff

Extravagance is subjective, no doubt about it: A $500 tasting menu is either a big splurge or just dinner, depending on how you’re living. Some people are willing to blow their savings on a $1000 donut dipped in 24-karat gold, and others globetrot from one fabulous meal to another and drink vintage wines daily, no big deal. But everyone can probably agree on one thing: A $2 million dinner is definitely extravagant. Billion-dollar popcorn? Um, sounds extravagant. Here, we’ve rounded up a handful of experiences that we’re pretty sure qualify too. Let us know which one wins in the poll below.

1. $2 Million Dinner

The tab for this OTT meal is how much?! You know what they say: If you have to ask…

2. $45 Soup

That’s no typo: This soup actually costs $45. Needless to say, it’s no ordinary soup.

3. Celebrity Wedding Feasts

There’s no better excuse to blow it out than on your wedding day, right? For these celebrities, including Kim and Kanye, William and Kate, and Top Chef’s own Gail Simmons, the wedding festivities involved seriously crave-worthy feasts.

4. Most Exclusive Restaurant in the World

This elusive restaurant promises a spectacular culinary experience you won’t soon forget, at a fittingly steep price. That’s if you can actually track down this place.

5. Billion Dollar Popcorn

The name is a slight exaggeration: The popcorn costs only  $5 a kernel. But think about it for a second: Five dollars per kernel. Worth it? You decide.

This week on The Feast, we’re celebrating all the inspiring, mind-blowing, over-the-top—and most of all, delicious—things that are catching our attention in the food and drink world. Stay tuned for must-watch videos, features on the chefs and innovators we love, tips on the most incredible Instagram accounts you should be following, and polls that let you vote on your favorites.

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