Guy With Well-Defined Priorities Checks Single Can of Beer as Luggage

Guy With Well-Defined Priorities Checks Single Can of Beer as Luggage

He was wondering what he "could get away with" β€” and he was thirsty.

By Alesandra Dubin

When you're packing for a trip, you're the expert on how get all of the essentials into the space you have available. After all, you could pack 130 items in a carry-on like a boss for months-long trip, after you figure out how to streamline your most-important possessions down to that compact list.

Good for you, but one traveler from Australia β€” of course, right? β€” has got you beat by plenty. He managed to streamline his most-cherished items down to just one, without much difficulty. The man named Dean decided to check just a single can of beer as his luggage en route from Melbourne on Qantas.

Why? Well, "One of my mates works at the airport and he and I were wondering what I could check as luggage and get away with β€” a single deodorant can was another idea β€” but the export can was way more iconic so I went with that," the passenger told the British site UNILAD. "Honestly the thought of a single can of export making its way down the baggage carousel was too good to pass up so I thought I’d give it a whirl."

Beyond that, there may have been some brew behind the ideation. β€œThe planning stages may have definitely had a few cold ones cracked but the execution was done sober,” he said.

Upon arrival, just as he'd hoped, he found the can spinning jauntily by itself, decked in its luggage tag, around the baggage claim in Perth.

β€œIt was perfection," he told the site.

Well, Dean, if that is your definition of perfection, we are glad you were able to achieve transcendence, and apparently without much effort or complexity.

And thanks for giving us a giggle in the process.

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