This Sweet Potato Spin on Avocado Toast is Driving People Crazy

This Sweet Potato Spin on Avocado Toast is Driving People Crazy

Thanks to this genius new invention, regular toast is... toast.

By Tamara Palmer

If you're like pretty much everyone right now, you're obsessed with avocado toast, or just toast—period. As the toast trend continues unabated, certain enterprising types are discovering that you don't even need bread to make avocado toast. One clever food blogger, craving avocado toast and realizing she didn't have any bread, decided to work around that tiny detail. As Little Bits of creator Kelsey Preciado discovered, you can make toast out of, yes, sliced sweet potatoes.

Her idea is pretty simple, and pretty ingenious. She just siiced the potato into rounds, put two of them in the toaster (twice!), then topped them with avocado, salt, pepper and lemon zest. That's it. So awesome, and why wouldn't it be?! Then she experimented with other "toasts," adding almond butter on one; banana and cinnamon on another; and tuna with mayonnaise, relish and sweet onion on yet another.

Preciado's idea has flooded Instagram, and the new hashtag #sweetpotatotoast is giving us serious inspo to try toppings like zucchini ribbons and cannellini beans; heirloom tomatoes and hummus; mangoes and blueberries; or guacamole, bacon and poached eggs.

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And for toast-lovers who are trying to minimize bread and gluten? This might be the biggest culinary mic drop ever.

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