Find Out Which Fast Food Spot Is Aziz Ansari's Favorite (and Why It's "Heartbreaking")

Find Out Which Fast Food Spot Is Aziz Ansari's Favorite (and Why It's "Heartbreaking")

The Master of None star also explains why he hates the word "foodie."

By Maggie Shi

You might be tempted to call actor/comedian/author Aziz Ansari a foodie. After all, he's starred in an episode of Mind of a Chef; he's eaten his way around Japan with the likes of celeb chef David Chang; and his obsession with restaurants and eating has been well-documented.

But whatever you do, *don't* call the Master of None star a foodie. In a rapid-fire video interview with Vogue (73 questions!), Ansari gets riled up about the ubiquitous term. "“The word ‘foodie:’ stop it!” he says in the video. “People that like food shouldn’t get this weird fetish-y sounding thing. Call the people that don’t care what they eat ‘food bozos.’”

In the interview, Ansari makes a smoothie (they're in L.A. after all) and reveals that he wants to learn "how to cook everything." The most delicious place in the world, according to Ansari? "Tokyo." And his all-time favorite tacos include Ricky's Fish Tacos and "many other tacos, please don't make me choose one," he begs.

Ok fine I'll just move to LA. @rickysfishtacos 🌮🐟🍤😘 #LA #rickysfishtacos #fishtacos #shrimptacos #tacos

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His favorite fast food restaurant leaves him feeling a little conflicted. "Chick-Fil-A, which makes the controversy so heartbreaking," he says. If he were going to be a pasta, he'd be "lasagna." Which makes sense considering if he were to start a food truck, it would be called "Aziz's Lasagna."

Pizza night. #BudsinItalia #BigBudLilBud

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And we always knew he was talented, but he can effortlessly say "I'm hungry" in six different languages: Spanish, French, Japanese, English, Tamil, and Italian.

Very useful for a non-foodie like Ansari.

Watch the entire video here:

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