Baby Bulldogs in Tiny Casts Are the Cutest Post-Op Patients You Have Ever Seen

Baby Bulldogs in Tiny Casts Are the Cutest Post-Op Patients You Have Ever Seen

We hope these little warriors are walking in no time!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Anyone who’s ever broken a bone will tell you that casts are no fun. They’re hot, they’re itchy, they restrict your range of motion, and they’re never, ever cute.

Unless you’re a baby bulldog, of course.

Oslo and Ivar are two rescue bulldog puppies who were sadly born with genetic deformities called “bilateral congenital effect” (essentially, their legs pointed out at a right angle from the elbow)—likely due to irresponsible breeding, according to The Dodo.

The condition is sometimes fixable—but not guaranteed—and it requires expensive surgery. Fortunately, Brittani Clegg and Karli Swope of Grass Roots Rescue were willing to take that gamble. Oslo and Ivar have recently undergone their surgeries and the hope is that in a month, the casts will come off and they’ll be able to walk.

In the meantime, they’re getting lots of love and plenty of hugs.

“These are very young puppies with a long life ahead of them,” Clegg told The Dodo. “Our supporters agreed that we would take this chance and so here we are.”

The surgery on all four elbows cost upwards of $7,000. If you’re interested in contributing, please visit the Grass Roots Rescue website or purchase from the rescue’s Amazon Wish List.

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