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"Baby Stylist" Is a Real Career, and It Sounds Like the Most Fun Job Ever

The clothes they pick out are so cute, you'll wish it's in your size.

By Adele Chapin
After Show: Siblings for North West?

Some celeb kids are so stylish (looking at you, North West), it seems clear that fashion professionals are involved in pulling together these looks. Which got us thinking: what would it be like to style babies, toddlers, and grade-schoolers for a living?

The Lookbook talked to two women who work in the fashion industry as stylists for kids, which is a job that involves everything from scouting trends to wiping runny noses. Read on to see how they got these gigs and their best tips on what to buy for the discerning toddler. 

1. The Editorial Stylist

London-based stylist Yvadney Davis graduated with a fashion degree from Central Saint Martins and started working in all aspects of the business, including PR, fashion styling, writing, and consulting. Now she spends her days dreaming up colorful, eclectic pint-size outfits for ad campaigns and magazine shoots. The kids Yvadney styles — including her own children — wear the coolest combinations of trends like tulle, feathers, and overalls.

How did you get into this line of work, specializing in children's styling?
Yvadney Davis: I had been working in women's fashion styling for a while, but when I became a mother I discovered the exciting world of kids fashion. Shopping for my children opened my eyes to just how big this tiny industry is and haven't looked back.

She brings the sun out 🌞 #Lologram

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What's the most fun part of your job?
It has to be choosing the outfits for the shoots. I am like an excited kid at Christmas every time. So, whether it's online or in a showroom, I will always coo over gorgeous kidswear. It's the thrill of slotting all the bits of the jigsaw puzzle, from shoes, to accessories and clothes, to pull the concept together.

What's the most challenging aspect?
While I love working with kids (they're blunt, funny and imaginative), you have to also appreciate their physical and emotional needs. Babies mean I will be working on my knees to help prop them up when they wobble or put them back in place when they toddle off. I am the nose wiper, kids' entertainer. As a mum, I have an arsenal of song favorites from babies up to older kids, I know will make them happy. And I give out hi-fives regularly.

What's surprised you the most?
Just how directional kids fashion can be. Because it is designed for little ones, there are often really fun design details, like bright colors, sparkly finishes, tassels and hidden pockets. So, I often find myself wishing something was available in adult size — there are just so many clothes that are seriously stylish.

How do you stay up on the latest trends for baby/children's clothes? Is it kind of the same as adult clothing trends, just tiny?
Kids' fashion definitely works to seasons, much like adult clothing trends. So, every season there are huge trade shows across the world showcasing the new collections from all the kids' brands be they household names or smaller independent brands. There are also many well-known labels that have diffusion kids' collections which shrink down key looks from adults to children.
However, there are also kid fashion influencers on social media that have huge followings for the way they are dressed and the spirit in which they rock their looks.

If you were buying a capsule wardrobe for a toddler, what pieces would be in it?
It's all about form and function, so finding pieces that will enhance their development and play but look pretty cool too. Integrating colors, prints or motifs that you can use a way of teaching them about the world and encourage their imaginative play is also good. But basics would be:

- Dungarees

- Jersey joggers, raincoat and wellie boots (because every toddler loves jumping in puddles)

- Lightweight sneakers with flexible soles

- Tees and layers like sweaters and cardigans

- A sunhat and winter hat with ear flaps to protect them from the elements

- Last but not least, a mini bag for them to put their prized posessions in

This little cutie loves his @joahlove jumpsuit from Mac & Mia 📷: @mollyknorr

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2. The Personal Stylist

Jamie Doyle is a stylist for Mac & Mia, an online baby and children's retailer with a business model designed for busy moms. Jamie and other Mac & Mia stylists curate wardrobes for their little clients, and parents can either keep everything in each box or send what doesn't work back. When Jamie isn't putting together adorable outfits for work, she's hanging in her town of East Hampton, NY with her own kids: AJ, 11, Jack, 8, Maeve, 4, and Lola, 3.

How did you get into this line of work?

I have four children, and quickly became obsessed with children's fashion. I started looking into jobs that involved styling them, and came across this position a few years ago. It’s best of both worlds: I get paid to shop for kids!!

What's the most fun part of your job?

Besides the obvious of shopping for, and dressing the cutest people on the planet, I love interacting with my clients and getting to know their families. I've made so many new friends around the country, and find myself watching their families grow right before my eyes! I'm so thankful that so many people have allowed me to be a part of their journey.

What's surprised you the most?

I really get surprised at how often I am willing to go outside of the box with children's fashion. I would have never dreamed of putting my children in some of these pieces a few years ago. This fall, my toddler girls have fallen in love with these black leather moto jackets from Mayoral that Mac & Mia carries. I can't tell you how much fun we are having in them. I have learned to love a risky statement piece, and have seen my kids enjoy them, too.

How do you stay up on the latest trends for baby/children's clothes? Is it the same as adult clothing trends?

Children's clothing trends and adult clothing trends are indeed very similar. If you take a glance around our office, you'll find that our employees are wearing things similar to what we send our clients. Basic staples never go out of style, and tend to be transgenerational. Often, you hear one of us say “I want this in my size” when they pick up something from one of the racks.

There are so many different style categories, that it's tough to stay on top of all of them. I'm lucky to live in a place that has a lot of high end stores, so I get to pop in and check things out and see what's trending. I'm always on social media, looking at campaigns and checking out what is hot this season. The biggest thing with children's clothing is acquiring unique pieces, but making sure they are comfortable and functional.

Saturdays are for adventures. What fun activities do you & your minis have planned for today?

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What do you think moms are looking for most and how do you make their lives easier?

The modern day mom is looking to get her time back, and that's where Mac & Mia comes in. Our lives are so chaotic with work, school and activities that our time has become a hot commodity. When I bring my children into a store with me, I leave frazzled, and I feel seriously unaccomplished as I rush to get out of there with only a fraction of what I intended to purchase. We do the selecting for you, send you some pieces to choose from, and you pick what you'd like to purchase from the comfort of your couch. It's relaxing, it's surprising, it's delightful and you get to use that time you would have spent in the store doing something else! 

This hat + those suspenders... 😍

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If you were buying a capsule wardrobe for a toddler, what pieces would be in it?

A capsule wardrobe is fabulous. In theory, you would need about 6 tops, 5 bottoms and two dresses for girls each season. Out of these 12-14 pieces, you should be able to form a dozen or more outfits that you rotate through.

I think for both boys and girls this fall season, these are the pieces I’d recommend:

- A chambray shirt for layering and extending the life of your summer faves
- Denim in different shades and colors
- Really soft tees in both long and short sleeve styles
- A lightweight jacket, ideally a bomber or faux fur
- A cozy sweater
- A few additional pieces - both patterns and solids

If you take a look at what you and your family actually wear, odds are it's the same dozen pieces over and over again. This totally simplifies your laundry situation, saves time and money, and enables you to really maximize your investment.

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