This Babysitting Gig Comes With a Trip Around the World, Job Hunters Are Freaking Out

This Babysitting Gig Comes With a Trip Around the World, Job Hunters Are Freaking Out

Do you have what it takes to stand out among the job's thousands of applicants?

By Ko Im

We've seen enticing competitions that fulfill your wanderlust by paying as you travel (prime examples include the "Ginternship" and a paid beer taster). And now you can babysit your way through the travel adventure of a lifetime — if you've got what it takes.

Starting July 2017, M'Kenzie and Derek Tillotson will leave New York City to travel the world with their three children, and they're looking for the perfect nanny to accompany them on their year-long trip. The itinerary sounds amazing — the family will start off in Iceland and Scandinavia, making their way through Europe, Hawaii, and Asia. In addition to travel arrangements, lodging, and food, the gig also pays a monthly salary of $1,200 to $1,500, with two weeks of vacation right around Christmas.

So what does it take to land this job? For starters, you'll need to "love their children as much as [they] do." You'll also need the skills required to homeschool a kindergartner and toddler as well as take care of an infant. A knack for photography and an easygoing personality will definitely set you apart from the competition.

If you're feeling inspired by the family who calls themselves "Five Take Flight," you're not alone. And the competition for this position is getting stiff — the Tillotsons' adorable job posting has reportedly already received thousands of applications. If you're still game, put your ring in the hat by January 17.

That said, applicants (and the family) would be wise to consider all the legalities involved — such as described on the IRS website.

No word on health insurance — and the posting is gaining a bit of critical feedback. Professional childcare provided "Danny the Manny" posted on his Facebook page that this profession that requires an "extreme amount of flexibility. IRS publication 926 clearly states that nannies are considered household employees, not independent contractors, and therefore must be provided with a W-4/W-2, and not a 1099." He also mentioned that his rate is much higher, commensurate with experience. 

Another nanny who travels also remarked on the lower pay in this posting considering the amount of home schooling that's asked for. Tori Moore says she's concerned with health insurance with no overseas deductible — and the taxes that get tricky with trips abroad.

Moore adds: "It's really hard to work all day and have to go home somewhere different every night, even if it's paradise." 

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