Meet the Coffee-Making Alarm Clock That Will Make Mornings So Much Less Painful

Meet the Coffee-Making Alarm Clock That Will Make Mornings So Much Less Painful

Now you'll actually be able to wake up and smell the coffee. At the same time.

Alarm clocks have long been our sworn enemies. After all, they exist for one purpose: tearing us from sweet, sweet sleep. But one alarm clock is looking to extend the olive branch. Meet the Barisieur, an impressively designed alarm clock/coffee maker combo that will let you wake up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee, right on your nightstand. 

The idea comes from Josh Renouf, a British designer who spent the last few years perfecting the bedside brewer. The base of the alarm clock uses an induction coil to boil a vessel of water at your predetermined time, creating steam that pushes hot water up a spout and over the grounds waiting in a nearby filter. A few moments later you’re waking up to the beautiful aroma of freshly brewed coffee (just don’t scorch yourself on the machine as you sleepily stretch your arms).

But the wonders don’t stop there. Like a little milk in your coffee? The Barisieur holds a specially cooled beaker for milk. Did we mention the compartment to hold your grounds for easy setup? Or that it works for tea too? Or that it has a USB charging port? Or that it can cure the common cold? Or file your state and federal taxes? Or beat Watson in Jeopardy? Ok, not the last few, but it DOES have a charging port.

The concept came from Renouf’s desire to understand how the human body relaxes. “I was inspired by my research into sleep and relaxation,” says Renouf, “and how ritual and stimulation can help create the right environment for rest.”

Renouf and team got some buzz for their invention when they first anounced it back in 2014, but it's taken a couple of years to come closer to fruitiion. They're gearing up for full-scale production at the moment, and you can head over to their Kickstarter page for more information or to donate. The Barisieur is closing in on the halfway point of its funding goal, bringing the invention that much closer to life. “I’m just so excited to finally be able to get the Barisieur into people’s home.” says Renouf. If the project is fully funded by June 25, the machine should be a reality in summer 2017.

In the meantime you’ll just have to settle for your current non-barista alarm clock, and dream of a better, more caffeinated tomorrow. 

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