This Dog Toy is Meant to Be Destroyed—And Then Reveals a Secret Surprise Inside

This Dog Toy is Meant to Be Destroyed—And Then Reveals a Secret Surprise Inside

Minds. Blown.

By Kristyn Pomranz

On a mildly interesting Subreddit called /R/MildlyInteresting, a user named jpellizzi shared a photo of a dog toy that his golden retriever had recently destroyed. The toy in question was a smiling, winking cactus named Consuela the Cactus (available from BarkShop).

So what makes a normal dog toy “mildly interesting”? Once the golden successfully destroyed the cactus (as goldens and all dogs are wont to do), it revealed a second cactus toy inside—this one with a frowny face. (Can you blame it? Its best friend just got torn to shreds!)

Courtesy of jpellizzi/Reddit

The post simply read, "My dog destroyed her toy cactus, and there was another sad cactus inside."

Within hours, the Reddit post had shot to #1 on the page. What followed was a very long Reddit thread discussing the genius behind the destruction-happy toy and questions about its marketing strategy. (If you read the full product description, it does note that there’s a second toy inside, but otherwise it’s not marketed as two.)

There were also accusations that the original poster was a BarkBox corporate shill. Spoiler: He’s not. However, we did speak with BarkBox and they told us that Consuela the Cactus is part of a larger line called “Destoyer’s Club,” which features in-house toys that “are designed to maximize the joy of destruction for a pup.”

Beyond the 26 multi-layer toys, they even offer an actual Destroyer’s Club, where your dog can earn points and unlock rewards for every toy he destroys. So essentially, your already-destructive dog can earn shop credit and free toys for doing what he already does. (Editor’s note: We aren’t corporate shills either—we just think this is a brilliant idea.)

Here’s a cute video of  BarkBox’s “Destroyer’s Club” if you’re interested in learning more.

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