Puggles, Raggles and Borkies: 14 Beagle Mixes That Are Even Cuter Than Their Names

Puggles, Raggles and Borkies: 14 Beagle Mixes That Are Even Cuter Than Their Names

And they have some REALLY cute names.

By Stacy Lenz

We love designer breeds because we love all cute dogs, but did you know that only difference between trendy mixes and the adorable mutts waiting at your local shelter for a loving forever home is clever marketing? Thanks for nothing, Don Draper! As always: #AdoptDontShop.

Only two things are true in this life: Dogs are THE BEST and if Bethenny Frankel is on camera, there will be Skinny Girl product placement in the background. And while all dogs are the best, mixed breed dogs are sort of the best of the best: It’s like someone took the best elements of two dogs, threw them together, gave it a good shake and poured out an adorable puppertini!

One of our favorite Bravo dogs is one such puppertini, mixed to perfection: Andy Cohen’s dog, Wacha! As a rescue, we don’t know Wacha’s exact lineage, but we do know his sweet furry face is that of a beagle's. And as we’ve been studying beagle mixes—basically compiling the outline for Nancy Drew and The Case of Mysterious Beagle Mix—we noticed that these are some super cute dogs that also have some super cute names.

Get ready to be BLOWN AWAY by not only cute beagle mixes but also by their adorable portmanteau names. Borkie? Meagle? Get the eff outta here! They sound like the name of something from a fantasy novel*. GO HOME DOG BREED NAMERS, YOU’RE DRUNK.

*We would totally read about Meagle’s search for the ring of Beagador. Someone write it for us. (Obviously after you’ve looked at all of these cute dog mixes first!)

Beagle + Miniature Pinscher (Meagle)

💡 #Minpin #Beagle #Meagle

A post shared by Roo (@roothemeagle) on

Beagle + Yorkshire Terrier (Borkie)

Young Curro 👶🏼

A post shared by Curro (@curro_the_borkie) on

Beagle + Maltese (Malteagle)

Beagle + Doberman Pinscher (Beagleman)

She's grown so much taller this week. Slow down pup! #beagleman #doberdor #mixeduppup #rescuedog

A post shared by Sara O Dea (@deasign) on

Beagle + Jack Russell Terrier (Jack-A-Bee)

Beagle + Pekingese (Peagle)

Beagle + Corgi (Beagi)

Is that a squirrel I see?

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Beagle + Rat Terrier (Raggle)

Beagle + Bulldog (Beabull)

Beagle + Labrador (Beagador)

Beagle + Chihuahua (Cheagle)

Beagle + Pomeranian (Pomeagle)

Cutie pie 😘 #pomeagle 🐕

A post shared by jessica- the neuroscientist (@jarmasz.j) on

Beagle + Poodle (Poogle)

#kingwinston #poogle #lovehim

A post shared by Daniel Arnavas (@arnavasd) on

Beagle + Pug (Puggle)

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