Beer Yoga Is Here to Make All Your Dreams Come True

Beer Yoga Is Here to Make All Your Dreams Come True

Namaste is about to get tasty.

By Aly Walansky

Love to grab a stiff drink or a great workout to peace out after a rough day? Then surely you're in the market for the perfect way to combine the two. Enter beer yoga.

Germany’s BierYoga is the brainchild of two professional yoga instructors who first got wind of the idea at, where else, Burning Man. The beer-infused yoga class they started in Berlin incorporates a bottle of beer into various poses—and, of course, as a refreshing beverage to help unwind after all those challenging beer-bottle poses. The concept is now spreading internationally, to no one's surprise. Next up: Australia.

The BierYoga website insists that “the exuberance that the drinking of beer brings with it and the body consciousness of yoga can be combined into an energizing experience.” Sound about right?

It's fair to note, however, that not everyone is totally, totally convinced that this is the best idea in the whole world.

“The fact that beer yoga even exists is absurd,” Jeannine Morris, a yoga teacher and wellness expert, tells The Feast. “The point of yoga is to connect the mind and body through movement and drinking beer during class will only hinder the connection."

She adds, "It seems that some studios will do anything to create buzz and obtain press, but this is an all-time low.”

Press and buzz: check. But is beer yoga really an all-time low or... the best end-of-workday-stress-relief high imaginable? You decide: Here's where you can check out BierYoga for yourself this weekend.

(Via Mashable)

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