Before You Sign the Divorce Papers: Consider These Tips So It's Not So Brutal

Before You Sign the Divorce Papers: Consider These Tips So It's Not So Brutal

Call some good friends and give them a head's up, for one. 

By Jen Glantz

Getting a divorce can be a messy process, one that you want to end ASAP so that both you and your ex can move on with your lives. Divorces can make people go broke, grow angry, and even get a whole lot less of what they deserve. So before you sign your name on the dotted line and officially cut the legal ties, here are four tips you should take into consideration beforehand.

1. Buy or sell now

If you've been trying to sell a property or get a new car, make sure you do so before filing. In most jurisdictions, a judge will issue an order once your divorce papers are filed that prohibits you or your spouse from buying or selling any marital property. They do this so that one person doesn't drain the accounts out of spite. So do that before the papers are in.

2. Talk to your spouse

Since the divorce will be finalized when the papers are signed, have a conversation with your spouse about how you will both move forward. If you have kids together, discuss how you will work together to make the change easy on them. If you don't have kids together, establish a head of time if you will be communicating with one another and what the best way to do that is, whether it's in front of a mediator, through email or in-person.

3. Don't rush the process

You may be eager to sign your name on the divorce papers so you can end the chaos of watching your relationship fall apart, but it is important to try not to rush the process. Since there are many difficult decisions you'll have to make during the divorce, it's best to make them when you have a clear head and not when you are acting out of pure emotion.

4. Develop a support network

While the process of getting divorced might feel like a constant headache, once a divorce is over, you may find yourself in need of a strong support system to help you handle all of the emotions and life changes you will go through. Be sure to set that up or look into local support groups to go to before the divorce is finalized.

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