5 Unique and Fabulous Vacation Rentals You Can Score for Less Than $100

5 Unique and Fabulous Vacation Rentals You Can Score for Less Than $100

Yes, that's the price for the whole entire lodging — including a giant amethyst crystal dome, and a castle tower.

By Tamara Palmer

While some of the most over-the-top and celebrity-worthy vacation rentals can range into the five-figure price range, that's hardly what you need to spend for an absolutely epic adventure in some of the world's most unique and spectacular lodgings. In fact, you can actually score an off-the-beaten-path crash pad for less than a Benjamin... if you know where to look. (Hint: Look right here!) Feast your eyes on some currently available vacation rentals that cost less than $100 per night:

1. Amethyst Crystal Dome, Indonesia: From $67

A two-story bamboo and Amethyst Crystal Dome offers a taste of bioarchitectural living while in Bali, but you can still have Wi-Fi on site. You'll be embedded right in the rice fields overlooking the jungle. Order in a massage, light healing session, or private yoga instruction to take the bliss over the top.

2. The Brandy Bus, Kenya: From $80

Perhaps you want to honeymoon in Kenya, as Julianne Hough recently did, but you require something a bit less spendy and exclusive than a posh resort. The Brandy Bus, a beautifully restored double-decker parked in a Nairobi suburb with surrounding garden and tennis court, might do the trick. Private picnics, anyone?

3. Old Tower, Italy: From $97

Nestled in the fertile Umbrian countryside of Italy in a small hamlet, the Old Tower can be your own personal one-bedroom castle overlooking Lake Trasimeno. But it's not medieval times, so instead of a moat, you get a shared swimming pool and barbecue.

4. Alfie the A-Frame, Canada: From $98

A one-bedroom cabin in Sechelt, BC, Alfie the A-Frame claims to be the fourth most wishlisted Airbnb property in Canada. The two-level property has decks upstairs and downstairs, a barbecue, and tons of natural light. It's a three-minute walk to the beach (and you have views of the Sechelt Inlet from the cabin) and close to hiking and mountain biking trails in Coast Gravity Park.

5. Tiny Cottage, Japan: From $93

An off-the-grid adventure awaits in this Tiny Cottage in the natural woodland of Nagano Prefecture, where you can eat organic foods produced by neighboring farms, laze with a good book in hammocks located both indoors and outside in the forest, and gaze at Mt. Morai. The owners built the cottage with the notion of creating a peaceful place to relax in nature.

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