Hack Your Beach Day to Perfection With This One Cheap, Common Item You Never Knew You Needed

Hack Your Beach Day to Perfection With This One Cheap, Common Item You Never Knew You Needed


By Alesandra Dubin

You may already be a total insider when it comes to beaches: You know the ones where you can (legally) drink, the best under-the-radar beaches in the world, and the ones with Wi-Fi, so you can “work” this summer without missing out on max Vitamin D time.

But did you know there’s one cheap, light, and widely available product out there in the world that can revolutionize your beach experience? It’s baby powder, and here’s why you need it.

The powder makes it super easy, fast, and effective to remove sand from anywhere on your body — keeping it out of your car later, for instance, but also out of your food when you’re going for a snack break.

“It’s perfect for removing sand of your feet, hair, legs, and especially little hands that are reaching for a snack or a sandwich,” notes Southern California based Aracely Worley on her blog Daytripping Mom. “When you’re going to feed the kiddos a snack or getting ready to serve lunch at the beach, bring out your little bottle of baby powder, shake a generous amount on hands and then be ready to easily shake of the sand off any hands.” No fuss, no mess.

Genius! So how does it work? Well, the baby powder eliminates moisture from your skin, which allows the sand to slide off effortlessly. (Yes, it works on hair, too.)

Worley notes that cornstarch works just as well, if you prefer to use that instead, given that baby powder including talc been in the news for its potential link to cancer. (Instead of talc, many baby powder products are now actually made using cornstarch, to which the American Cancer Society finds no potential link to cancer.)

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