9 Fun and Weird Food-Related Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Actually Make at Home

9 Fun and Weird Food-Related Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Actually Make at Home

A grocery list of one-, two- and even three-person costumes for your consideration.

By Drew DiSabatino

Given all the pumpkin spice mania currently going down all around you, you surely know Halloween is on its way. And whether you already know exactly how you’ll be celebrating or you don't, consider this your dress-up inspiration — in the form of 10 food-related Halloween costumes you could make at home with some basic supplies like poster boards, fabrics, and the clothes you already have in your closet. 

1. Pepper

We like the pepper shaker idea for how easy it is to make at home: Wear all black, put a "P" on your shirt. And we also love it for the conversation-staring potential: You'e just a loan pepper shaker, ready to mingle, open to meeting your potential salt.

2. Popcorn Baby

Babies in food costumes are everything. And bonus for this baby bag of popcorn that will let parents humiliate the child in front of all potential future dates in about 15 years. Some red ribbon and a pillow case could do the trick here.

3. Oreo

Nothing says "you complete me” like going to a party as two halves of the same Oreo. But don’t get separated, or one of you is just going to look like you dressed as some kind of amorphous white circle.

4. Taco Truck

OK, so the pictured execution on this taco truck might be a little meh, but honestly any costume that gives us a free pass to have a burrito in our hands at all times gets a green light. With your own version, we say go bigger (with both the costume and the burrito).

5. Fun Dip

Sure, Fun Dip — aka sugar — is delicious. That's because, again, it's sugar. But we’re not so sure we’re keen on the idea of someone having a “Lik-A-Stix” for an arm. Hey, whatever works for you.

6. PB & J

Another couple costume, another weird situation if you get separated from your partner. At least the peanut butter shown in this example is not creamy, but smooth — which should help when it comes to chatting up strangers.

7. S'mores

If you’re going to third-wheel a couple’s costume, you might as well do it in style as the trifecta of s'mores ingredients. Also great for friends, triplets, and polyamorous people.

8. Wine & Cheese

For a classy take on a couple’s costume, we present a delightful wine and cheese pairing. Though the giant fake cheese knife is a little disconcerting. So maybe make your own involving a less-menacing regular sized plastic knife... which you can also use to serve yourself at parties without troubling the host. So functional!

9. Bun in the Oven

Oh cute, you've got a bun in the oven, costume wise. Just make sure you actually do, unless you want to start some raging rumors pronto.

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