7 Creepy and Creative Ideas for KILLER Halloween Cocktails That SLAY the Crowd

7 Creepy and Creative Ideas for KILLER Halloween Cocktails That SLAY the Crowd

See what we did there?

By Tamara Palmer

If you're looking to lace your Halloween party with something a bit more grownup than those little fun-sized bags of candy, consider making drinks or cocktails with these festive and freaky garnishes to wow the adult crowd.

1. Spider ice cubes

Take a cue from the Wicked Web Tonic at New York City's Saxon + Parole (picture above) and freeze plastic spiders within ice cube trays for a creepy yet strangely elegant Halloween cocktail.

2. Dry ice

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A little bit of faux-smokiness from dry ice makes everything look creepy. Betty Crocker can teach you how to use dry ice in your cocktails, like they do for the Treasure Chest at Chicago's Three Dots and a Dash.

3. Grenadine

Red Grenadine syrup is your bloody friend for Halloween-themed drinks like the Zombie Brain Hemorrhage by Spirit Cocktails — inject it into this version, or an original layered drink for a messy illusion.

4. Raspberry purée

If you're looking for a healthier way to get a bloody effect, try this berry blast.

5. Peeps Marshmallow Ghosts

You thought Peeps were just an Easter thing? Nope, they're also around for Halloween, where they can make your creamy cocktails like this Ghostini by Anne Fretz look extra spooky.

6. Fruity eyeball

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A fresh lychee fruit stuffed with a Maraschino cherry looks remarkably like a freaky eyeball when skewered with a toothpick and tossed in a cocktail.

7. Pumpkin cups

Hollow out a small pumpkin to use as the cup for your drink — or a big one to make a shareable punchbowl.
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