Tailgating 101: Everything You Need For the Best Pregame Party Everrrrr

Tailgating 101: Everything You Need For the Best Pregame Party Everrrrr

Because the pregame is just as important as the game...right?

By Courtney Thompson

Some of us enjoyed the summer—others used the time to analyze their football teams’ preseason player picks and practice reels, counting down the days til Sunday was once again synonymous with football. Well, lucky for them that day has arrived. Even if the temps aren’t dipping into crisp territory in your neck of the woods, football definitely means that fall is here and that, more importantly, tailgating season is upon us.

For the football newbies out there, allow me get you up to speed—the tailgate is EVERYTHING. Its where you meet and greet fellow fans, showcase your cutie football attire, drink a whole lot of beer, eat a whole lot of delicious food, and play games…all while anticipating the big game that lie ahead.

To ensure that your tailgate is the best ever—meaning your hands are warm, your music is banging and your seating is on-point—I’ve rounded up ten essential products that will make sure your pregame is a win…even if the actual game goes in the opposite direction.

The Hand Warmers

HotHands Hand Warmers

The Heated Insoles

ThermaCell Original Heated Insoles

The Group Game

Hammer Crown Giant Tumble Tower

The Seating

The Tailgaters' Hammocks

The Wool Blanket

Pendleton Throw

The Beer Chiller

RTIC Stainless Steel Can Cooler

The Speaker

Kicker Bullfrog Speaker System

The Cooler

YETI Roadie 20 Cooler

The Portable Grill

Weber Jumbo Joe

The Smart Plates

Great Plate Food & Beverage Plate

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