Harry Styles Just Earned a Slot in the Best Music Videos with Dogs Hall of Fame

Harry Styles Just Earned a Slot in the Best Music Videos with Dogs Hall of Fame

Watch "Kiwi" and these other adorable videos and pick your favorite pup.

By Tamara Palmer

Harry Styles' new music video for his song "Kiwi" has gone viral for good reasons — there's lots of cake and lots of puppies in it, plus the former One Direction member himself (and he's pretty cute).

"Kiwi" puts Styles in an unofficial hall of fame for great music videos that have dogs in them, such as:

1. J. Cole, Wet Dreamz


The rapper's affectionate canine video has racked up more than 91 million views. Warning: He uses hot and heavy language in the song, but how you take the visuals is all your dirty mind.

OK Go, 'White Knuckles'

OK Go made its name with their catchy treadmill dancing on the 2009 video "Here It Goes Again," but the band takes it up a notch by teaming up to pull off impressive choreography with some furry friends.

Vitalic, 'Poney Part 1'

French electronic artist Vitalic's propulsive beats are paired with visuals of dogs in flight and laser beams. Confusing yet fascinating.

Mayer Hawthorne, 'Her Favorite Song'


Crooner Mayer Hawthorne is pretty much the only human dude in his video, which gives important jobs like bartender and DJ to dogs. Watch and see if you don't totally fall for the Dalmatian player.

Pet Shop Boys, 'Suburbia'

Synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys used samples of barking and plenty of lyrical references to dogs in the 1986 song "Suburbia" and made a cheekily English video to match it.

Fall Out Boy, 'The Take Over, The Breaks Over'


A vintage canine music video favorite in black and white, though it came out in 2007. Fall Out Boy has been associated with dogs ever since, and the band even played with puppies earlier this year while being interviewed.

Snoop Dogg, 'Who Am I (What's My Name?)'


But the true OG is the Doggfather, who morphs between man and Doberman forms in his 1993 solo debut and would later help catapult others to fame as the Dogg Pound. Bow wow wow.

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