Travel-Themed Wedding Inspo! 10 Dreamy Party Ideas for Jet-Setting Couples

Travel-Themed Wedding Inspo! 10 Dreamy Party Ideas for Jet-Setting Couples

From save-the-dates to thank-you notes... and everything in between.

By Lindsay Tigar

Travel is among the shared passions that unite couples — and indeed many jet-setters make their globe-trotting adventures a centerpiece of proposals, and even in-flight weddings.

If this sounds like your (expertly packed carryon) bag, consider these 10 ideas all the inspiration you need (well, along with all the memories made with your fully stamped passport), for a travel-inspired wedding.

1. Boarding Pass Save-the-Dates

These sweet and simple save-the-dates will remind you of those (hundreds of) boarding passes you’ve collected over the years — and all the ones you've yet to collect together.

2. Passport Wedding Programs

These passport-style wedding programs can serve as a nod to the country where you're from, where you fell in love, your shared favorite spot, or your honeymoon destination.

3. Globe Guest Book

Let an antique globe serve as your guestbook, and encourage your family and friends to sign where they’re from, where they’ve been... or where they hope your marriage takes you.

4. Map Guest Book

Another take on a travel-themed guest book is this canvas map, which allows a little more room for notes of cheer on your wedding day. Have it matted and framed to hang in the home you share.

5. Postcard Thank-You Notes

For your destination affair, buy bulk postcards from the city you’re getting hitched. As guests walk in, they can sign their name and address, making it easy-peasy for you to get out those thank-you cards within the six months that wedding etiquette recommends.

6. Place Card Map

This map backdrop for seating cards is a clever idea to show off the places you’ve been, or where your guests have traveled from. Consider assign tables based on countries visited or the dream lands you can’t wait to explore as a married pair.

7. Luggage Bouquets

Flower are pretty and fragrant, sure — but they don't endure like cherished travel memories. Instead, take a note from this bride’s wedding and use vintage suitcases in lieu of roses to create some one-of-a-kind images.

8. Travel-Themed Sweetheart Table

Since you get a table all to yourself as the star couple of the evening, make it a shrine to your adventurous sides, complete with maps, suitcases, and more.

9. Stacked-Suitcase Wedding Cake

Hello, gorgeous! Let this awesome suitcase cake creation serve as your inspiration, and customize it with maps and stickers unique to your experiences.

10. Something Blue... in Your Shoe

No matter where your life takes you, from your wedding day to your honeymoon and beyond, you always remember your roots. As a sweet homage to your hometown, put a tiny map of where you grew up, where your partner was a child, and where you met... right inside inside your wedding shoe. Now take the steps down that aisle... your whole new world awaits!

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