10 Waterproof Ways to Keep Your Sh*t Dry This Summer

10 Waterproof Ways to Keep Your Sh*t Dry This Summer

Are you ready to meet your new favorite bags?

By Katie Leahy

While I truly love all four seasons, I have to say the sum-, sum-, summa-time is my fave.  Everyone is outside, being active and simply having more fun in the sun. Whether you are lounging by the pool, splashing by the shore, floating in a boat or running through the sprinkler, you are likely to find yourself by the water in the coming months, enjoying life and cooling down.  

This is all a fabulous time…until a wave crashes ashore, your kids think it’s hilarious to splash you or you get caught in a pop-up rain shower. Here’s the deal: You need water-resistant gear to keep your valuables dry. I mean, it’s all fun and games until your phone, change of clothes, or food gets drenched and you’re left high and dry…or, um, high and wet?

We have rounded up 10 of the best water-resistant bags, that will not compromise your style and get you through the summer without any liquid-realted fiascos. Now you can focus on the good times with friends and family because, ya know, a water fight with your loved ones is what summer fun is all about, right? Let’s just make sure your phone is safe and sound while it happens.


The Makeup Bag


When you pack up and head out for some summer fun, you absolutely need to bring some essential toiletries to freshen up throughout the day. This water-resistant Scout cosmetic bag will keep your makeup and personal items dry while adding a some flair to your beach vibe with their fun and bright patterns. Big enough to hold a travel hairdryer and a small brush but small enough to fit in your beach bag with ease.  

SCOUT Packin' Heat Cosmetic Bag

BUY FROM: Amazon, $14.75-$19.50


The Backpack


I love me a backpack when I am out and about. Keep your hands free and your items dry with this State Bags option that features a bright and summery pattern, a padded laptop sleeve in the main compartment, 3 additional exterior pockets and a fun interior lining. Bonus: Each time you purchase a State bag you are contributing to the company’s Give Back Pack Program which gives backpacks chock full of essential items to American children in need.

State Bags Brushstroke Slim Lorimer Water Resistant Canvas Backpack

BUY FROM: Nordstrom, $85


The Kids Bag


Kids love having their own backpack and personally, I love my kids carrying their own things! It’s a win-win with this adorable backpack that is waterproof for when they splash in the puddle or simply drop their bag in the pool, this bag comes in a number of patterns and includes a nylon leash clip to ensure safe travel in airports or busy areas.

Moonwind Waterproof Toddler Kids School Leash Bag Baby Children Harness Backpack

BUY FROM: Amazon, $25.99


For the Computer


Because sometimes duty calls—but who wants to lug their work bag along to the pool party? Conference calls, Google Hangouts and screen share-mandated meetings can pop up at the least-convenient times and you need to have your laptop handy to deal with that needy client (or boss), even when you’re poolside. Rely on this waterproof computer sleeve to slide into your beach bag (along with your towel and sunscreen, of course). From the company behind those heavy-dute car-top cargo carriers, this sleeve will ensure your laptop is as safe as can be this summer. 

Thule Gauntlet MacBook Sleeve

BUY FROM: Amazon, $73.15 


The Weekend Duffle


Perfect if you are floating down the river or traveling in the elements during your vaca this summer, this durable duffel is 100% waterproof. Made of tough TPU laminated nylon, the bag features an interior mesh pocket floating divider which creates a bottom compartment for wet clothes or muddy shoes to keep your remaining gear dry and clean.  

Patagonia Stormfront Wet/Dry Duffel

BUY FROM: Patagonia, $249


The Beach/Pool Bag


This waterproof tote comes in a variety of lively patterns and features the all-important top zipper closure to keep water (and sand!) out. There is an additional zipper pocket inside for keys, a smart phone pocket and the perfect amount of space for your towel and magazines. 

Siesta Key Waterproof Beach Tote

BUY FROM: Nordstrom, $98


The Purse


You are heading out for that sunset booze cruise with your crew and you don’t exactly want to lug your beach tote—but you brand new clutch doesn’t exactly mesh with the salty splash of the surf. Problem solved with Longchamps’ Mini Le Pliage handbag. This water-resistant nylon bag is the perfect accessory to hold your items and folds up into a small rectangle, making it the perfect travel companion.

Mini Le Pliage Handbag

BUY FROM Nordstrom, $95


The Cooler


Because we need to keep our booze cold and icy—not drenched in chlorinated or sea water—and this Scout option is your best summer sidekick. Yes, you can now easily tote your waters, up to four bottles of rosé or noms for the day while keeping them dry. The water-resistant material is easy to wipe down, allowing for an piece-of-cake clean up. With lots of fun, summery patterns to choose from, this cooler makes for the perfect gift to yourself or others.

Scout Pleasure Chest Picnic Coller

BUY FROM: Scout, $28


For the Phone


Phones and water generally don’t mix and the Ziploc bag just doesn’t cut it. Protect your phone, camera or other small electronics with this vacuum seal case that is effective in up to 100-foot deep water. Once you remove the air with the vacuum hand pump, the clear case lays flush against the phone and is designed for full use of the touchscreen while staying dry. (Yes, that means you can text while 100-feet below sea level!) There is also a built-in headphone jack to keep your tunes going or chat with your bestie. Aaaand that also means you can keep you your Snapchats rolling while kayaking or swimming this summer.

DryCASE Waterproof Phone Case

BUY FROM: Brookstone, $39.99


The Lunch Bag


Ensure you are having a healthy lunch (while saving money!) by packing your midday meal in this lunch tote. Offering a large variety of cute patterns, this bag is made of neoprene (the material of wetsuits), which will keep your lunch cold or hot thanks to super durable insulation. Bonus: Not only is this bag waterproof, but stain-resistant and washable, too.

Ofeily Lunch Boxes

BUY FROM: Amazon, $9.99

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