These 10 Guinness World Records in Food Are Totally Shocking

These 10 Guinness World Records in Food Are Totally Shocking


By Lindsay Tigar

When you made that late-night (post-booze-fest) double-decker sandwich and it tasted like "the best thing ever," you might have stood smugly in awe of your concoction. Or in a ravenous state after a cardio-intensive class, when you consumed what felt like the largest bowl of pasta ever, we bet it it didn’t quite weigh in at 17,000 pounds. From the most Big Macs consumed in a lifetime (you truly won’t believe that one) to all the details on that major bowl of spaghetti, here are 10 world records that made history:

1. The largest parade of food trucks included 121 vehicles.

While the concept of a "food truck" is no news to those who dwell in urban areas, or attend concerts and festivals, chances are slim that you’ve ever seen more than a dozen or so trucks operating in unison. But Generation Food Trust, based out of Tampa, has made a habit of setting world records by gathering the most amount of food trucks in one area. They started by setting the record with 62 trucks in 2014, then 75 in 2015, and then 121 in 2016. Word’s not out on the street yet if they’re eyeing to beat their own record this year, but if they do, you can buy tickets to get a sampling of as many food-truck treats as your stomach can handle.

2. Most Big Macs eaten in a lifetime is 28,788.

Remember those iconic Big Mac commercials? They worked tirelessly to sell the company's star menu item. The campaign definitely worked for one guy: He set his sights on being a loyal devotee for the rest of his life. How loyal? Donald Gorske broke the record last year by eating his 28,788th Big Mac. On average, he ate around 14 Big Macs for the last 44 years, with only eight days when he didn’t eat one. He started in 1972 and has kept all of the variations of the cartons, displayed proudly in his home. His friends and family have added to his collection by bringing back the Big Mac wrappings from various countries they’ve visited, including Italy, Greece and Cancun. The majority of his diet (he estimates 90 percent) is made up of those burgers, which he says are the best things he’s ever eaten, right from that first bite decades ago.

3. The largest collection of fast food happy-meal toys had 10,000.

Regardless if you grew up in the '90s or the '70s, the miniature toy that was nestled next to your plain burger (no onions, mom!) and fries was the arguably the best part of the kid’s meal. One collector in the Phillipines, Percival Reye Lugue, has held onto each and every single stuffed animal, figurine and coloring book for 31 years (and counting). He broke the world record in 2014 with 10,000 toys (but his blog estimates his new total is around 14,500). In addition to simply buying lunch and getting the prize for free, he also scours the web on places like eBay or Amazon to secure rare vintage finds and frequently visits thrift stores. His faves? The Popeye and friends collection from 1987, the 101 Dalmatian set from Mc Donald’s when the movie came out (and yes, he has all 101 one of them!), Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster with Mister Donut, Inspector Gadget and many more. He even does a video for all of the toys on his blog.

4. The largest donut box weighed 297 pounds and held 2,700 donuts.

One of America’s most loved donuts, the Krispy Kreme, inspires all kinds of strange events, like the Krispy Kreme challenge that requires you to run a 5K and eat a dozen donuts at the same time. But one world-record breaker attempted a whole new feat by deciding to create the largest box of donuts ever, weighing in at 297 pounds. Woah. Ironically though, the donuts weren’t made in the USA, but in Kuwait by the Kuwait Food Co. Americana in 2009. To make it look as impressive as it already was, they recreated an exact replica of the iconic polka-dot Krispy Kreme box to fit all 2,700 donuts.

5. The largest piece of chocolate was made by Hershey and was a Kiss weighing 30,540 pounds.

Chocolate lovers rejoice: That dream you have where you can eat as much chocolate as your heart desires kind-of-sort-of came true. In 2007, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Hershey Kisses, Hershey made a 30,540-pound exact replica of the kiss. Let’s say that again: a 30K-pound piece of chocolate. If you’re curious about how they pulled off this master feat (we were too), there’s a video of the creation that’s both fascinating and might make your stomach a bit queasy when you consider the sugar content. It took dozens of workers, a lot of chocolate bars carved to form the shape and of course, a staggering amount of tin foil.

6. The longest line of burgers was 1,558 feet.

When you’re at a stadium game or a music festival and you’re starving, it probably feels like there are thousands of people in front of you in line, even though it’s probably more like 20. But what’s better than a line of strangers? A huge line of juicy, delicious burgers. That’s exactly what Spanish food distributor, Carnicas Ortola S.L., thought when it decided to attempt the world record as part of the annual celebration of Moros y Cristianos. They pulled off the impressive (and ahem, delicious!) feat as part of an event in Crevillente, Alicante with a 1,558-foot line of burgers. Each patty was pretty traditional: made of beef and finished with cheese and ketchup. Once they claimed the coveted title, the burgers were given to guests to enjoy, and of course, to celebrate the big win.

7. The most expensive hamburger sold for $5,000.

You’ve already heard about overpriced produce and stupid-expensive Champagne, but how much would you be willing to dish out for a hamburger? In 2011, Juicys Outlaw Grill in Corvallis, Oregon made history by creating, and selling, a $5,000 burger. That’s right: 5K for a (very large) American favorite. The impressive patty weighs around 777 pounds and apparently, you can still order it for your big event (or if you’re extremely hungry), as long as you give 48-hours advance notice. Want to see it being created in action? There’s a video for that.

8. The largest serving of salsa weighed 7,308 pounds.

While guacamole is often the superstar of any Mexican restaurant, you can’t forget about its less-celebrated co-worker, salsa. One way to make the tomato concoction stand out is to make it really, really big, just like the household salsa brand El Sol did in 2014. They wanted to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nana’s Best Tasting Salsa Challenge in Gilbert, Arizona, so they created a 7,308-pound side of salsa. The president of El Sol, Ryan Bullock used the opportunity to "step it up a bit" after being in the region for more than 20 years. After finding a vat big enough to produce it and a scale large enough to weigh it, they took home the gold by using a bunch of onions, jalepenos, spices and tomatoes to create 1,000 gallons of salsa. The best part? All of it was for a good cause: The Hemophilia Association of Arizona.

9. The most grapes stuffed into a mouth? 88.

Everyone has a calling in life and a special skill set, and for one man in India, that talent is stuffing grapes into his mouth. Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya from Mumbai has broken the world record for the largest amount of seedless grapes in his mouth at the same time twice, first with 79 in 2012, and then with 88 in 2015. As with every natural gift, Dinesh also holds the record for the most grapes eaten in one minute (73, if you’re curious) and the record for the most lit candles in your mouth at one time (12 on fire!). And to add more fire to the flame, he has even more: the most dice caught with cupped hands while blindfolded (that’s 43!), and with the help of brother Manish, they came in second for the record for the time took to peel and eat an orange while blindfolded in 17 seconds. If you want to see all of this in action, head over here.

10. The largest bowl of pasta weighed 17,417 pounds.

Czanieckie Makarony, Gmina Miejska Krakow and Magillo Restaurant took home the winning title for this impressive culinary creation in 2015 by creating a 17,417-pound bowl of pasta. The stats? Around 40 chefs worked tirelessly for 19 hours to cook, prepare and eventually, serve the pasta. Consisting of a bolognese sauce made with tomatoes, oregano, minced pork and beef, it was served to 10,000 runners and their fans at the Tauron Arena’s half-marathon race. To make it even more comforting, just like pasta should be, it was served in an oversized wooden bowl that was a whopping 16 feet long.

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