Bighearted Bride Says "We Have A Couple Million," Seriously, Don't Bring a Gift

Bighearted Bride Says "We Have A Couple Million," Seriously, Don't Bring a Gift

Hold the toaster! This gal just wants her loved ones there. 

By Marianne Garvey

One thoughtful bride has the right idea in mind when she requested that guests not bring her gifts—because she makes a nice living, and really just wants her loved ones there.

The 33-year-old and her fiancé, 36, have their hearts in the right place and took to Reddit too look for alternate ideas for guests to express their love.

“My fiancé and I are getting married this year! Invites just went out, and there are a questions about if we have registered, if we have a honeymoon fund, what kind of gifts we would like, and more,” she writes.

“We're very lucky to be worth a few million dollars due to a family inheritance and business deals that went very well for us. None of our family or friends are in comparable financial circumstances. Our wealth isn't a secret amongst our nearest and dearest because we started our business with the inheritance. We are having a low key wedding, keeping it small, and we really just don't want any gifts. At all. We don't need anything. We have everything we could possibly want, we can afford the wedding, we can afford the honeymoon. Our family and friends are all average income folks.

“Is there any polite way to say this to people? Perhaps something like ‘Your gift is the greatest present we could ask for, and we are genuinely asking people to not give gifts at all, whether they are monetary or physical. Our house is already jam packed, you've seen it! We just want you there.’ That seems excessively harsh if a friend wants to knit me a quilt though—that's not something I'd be upset to get, but cold hard cash from an already struggling friend would break my heart. But a ‘handmade gifts only’ thing also seems like we're expecting people to make us stuff.”

The groom-to-be had originally suggested a charity registry, but became concerned that not all guests would support the particular charity they chose, and they didn’t want to force it on people.

“We're both feeling tremendously guilty at the idea of our family and friends spending their hard earned money on us when we have already been so fortunate,” the bride writes.

They finally came up with a solution. Updating her recent post, she said:

“I’ve decided to ask guests to bring a copy of their favorite recipe(s) that fit within our dietary likes! We'll compile it all into a lovely custom cookbook for ourselves after the wedding. An incredibly meaningful and wonderful wedding gift…Thank you all so much!”

There you go, a cookbook made from pure love.

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