Whoever Wins This Clinton vs. Trump Cookie Contest Will Most Likely End Up in the White House: Vote Now

Whoever Wins This Clinton vs. Trump Cookie Contest Will Most Likely End Up in the White House: Vote Now

Here's one battle that will have sweet results, no matter who wins.

By Lindsay Tigar

One Hillary Clinton quote that will surely go down in history is when the then soon-to-be First Lady said she "could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession.”

While Clinton was trying to make a necessary statement about how not all potential First Ladies are domestically inclined, the 1992 comment had this unintended consequence: In response to her sentiment, Family Circle magazine decided to pit Clinton against Barbara Bush in a cookie-baking contest. Even though Clinton didn’t claim baking as her forte, her recipe—a simple chocolate chip oatmeal concoction—took home the prize.  

Two dozen years (and many strides in equality) later, the cookie-baking contest for First Lady candidates somehow still goes on. But in a twist that the contest's creators almost certainly didn't anticipate 24 years ago, the face-off now involves a potential First Man, not to mention a former president. Ex-POTUS Bill Clinton will be battling out in the proverbial kitchen with ex-model Melania Trump.

Although Bill didn't exactly expend any time and energy in coming up with an original cookie recipe, he didn't duck out. His entry? The same cookie that won the contest for Hillary back in '92. 

This will be the third time the Clinton Family’s Chocolate Chip Cookies vie for the prize. Considering these babies won twice already, it might be a tough run for Trump to take home the winning spatula with her Star Cookies, which are basically sugar cookies cut out into stars. 

But you never know. Want to cast your own vote? The cookie contest polls are open now through October 4.

It's unclear how much longer this questionable tradition will survive, but its rate for predicting election-year success isn't too shabby: After all, the winners of prevous cookie contests ended up in the White House alongside their presidential-election-winning spouses from 1992 to 2008. Not bad odds, eh?

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