More Myth-Busters: Birth Control Pills, Pregnancy & Kegels!

More Myth-Busters: Birth Control Pills, Pregnancy & Kegels!

Because, even if you aren't trying to get pregnant now, it’s still good to know the facts!

By Marni Eth

There are so many misconceptions regarding different forms of birth control and if they can affect fertility, it is good to consult an expert when researching options. Personal Space sat down with a leading medical expert, Dr. Delia DeLeon, an OB-GYN in Austin, TX, to help dispel some common myths relating to these matters and more!

Personal Space: If you start taking birth control pills when you are younger and continue taking it for years, does it affect fertility?

Dr. DeLeon: Not at all. In fact, the hormonal birth control methods protect your ovaries and  uterus, decreasing your risk of ovarian and uterine cancer.  

PS: Is skipping a period with the pill bad? How many times can you do it in a row?

DD: Nope. Totally fine. In fact, the only reason the pack was designed with the “sugar” pills was to mimic the normal cycle of a woman. It was thought that women would be more likely to use the pill if it was created that way. It’s just a withdraw bleed from the hormones you’ve been taking all month. You could technically skip the non hormonal pills as long as you wanted, but I recommend three months. This is only because if you take it continuously, your lining can get so thin that it “cracks” and you get breakthrough bleeding. Not knowing when you are going to have bleeding could be annoying… lots of ruined underwear!

PS: Does having an IUD before kids make your uterus small and/or cause problems during pregnancy?

DD: Nope. IUD’s do not affect your fertility and they do not cause problems during pregnancy after they are removed. Unless you are the unlucky person (less than 1%) that gets pregnant with an IUD in place…

PS: Do kegel exercises really work?

DD: They can’t hurt! Of course, results can vary from patient to patient. There are actually many reasons to do kegels, from pelvic organ prolapse to urinary incontinence. I’m a strong believer that doing them throughout pregnancy can help with labor/pushing and decrease risk of vaginal lacerations.

PS: Do they really remove your organs during a C-section?

DD: No way!  We don’t want to mess with any other organs besides the ones we know best: uterus, tubes and ovaries. We usually do place the uterus outside the incision after the baby is born so it is easier to repair, but it’s still connected.  However, I do have friends that swear they saw their wife’s intestines in a pan beside the bed!

If you have any concerns or questions regarding health related matters, it is always best to talk to your doctor before stressing or surfing the web! 

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