The Birthday Cake Croissant Is Here, and It's Blowing People's Minds

The Birthday Cake Croissant Is Here, and It's Blowing People's Minds

You say it's your birthday? Your wish may have just come true.

By Marcy de Luna

Somehow, in the mad flurry of hybrid desserts like the Everything Bagel Donut and the Oreo Bagel and the 100-Layer Donut and the world-dominating Cronut, one Frankenpastry hadn't yet made an appearance on the national stage: the croissant-birthday cake blend. But now it's here, thanks to the dessert-synergizing brain of pastry chef Thiago Silva at Union Fare in New York City, he of the famous cinnamon-roll-stuffed doughnut (at NYC's Catch, where he formerly worked).

Silva’s Birthday Cake Croissant hit the Union Fare menu yesterday, and it's everything a birthday-cake-and-croissant-lover could possibly hope for in one buttery, sugary little package. 

To make the pastry, Silva follows some of the traditional steps of croissant wizardry, including making a butter block and laminating the flaky pastry. But he brings a highly unorthodox ingredient, namely candy-colored sprinkles, to the party. As he tells The Feast, “You don’t usually add particles (like sprinkles) into the dough because it’s not part of the classic technique and process of making a croissant. But through trial and error, I found a way to make it work.” Silva introduces the ingredient into the croissant via the lamination process.

The Birthday Cake Croissant is already driving people nuts on Instagram:

And it's just one part of Silva's ambitious summer croissant lineup, which includes the new Red Velvet Croissant:

And stay tuned next week for the Cookies ‘n Cream Croissant...

...followed by the PB&J Croissant, made with peanut butter-flavored dough and jelly filling, which we're renaming "Lunch."

Photos courtesy of @chef_tiago/Instagram.

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