Blac Chyna Reveals Baby's Sex, Calls Rob "Mama's Boy" After He Spills to Kris

Blac Chyna Reveals Baby's Sex, Calls Rob "Mama's Boy" After He Spills to Kris

The couple were excited to annouce the news, then Rob had already told mom. Whoops.

By Marianne Garvey

Black Chyna has revealed her baby's sex the Kardashian way—on TV. 

The expectant mom visited the doctor with husband-to-be Rob Kardashian and found out they were having a girl on the premiere episode of Rob & Chyna on Sunday night. In the same episode, Chyna also encountered the age old problem of the ever-present mother-in-law. We got a peep inside the twisted triangle of the Chyna-Rob Kardashian-Kris Jenner relationship on the show when Chyna called Rob a “mama’s boy” for constantly checking in with Kris and telling her the sex of the baby when he wasn't supposed to reveal it. 

Kris, 60, also reared her momager head when it came to the baby girl. Rob, 29, and Chyna, 28, had vowed to keep it a secret—with Rob telling Kris privately, and Kris showing up to Chyna’s door with a huge pink basket, because Rob had spilled the beans. 

“Rob, it's a girl!” China had earlier exclaimed. “Oh that's crazy,” Rob replied, revealing he originally had hoped for a boy. 

Later, the all-knowing Kris told the cameras, “Everybody had their feathers ruffled a little over this engagement. Rob was completely shutting us out, but Angela AKA Blac Chyna makes Rob so happy and to see how in love they are and how far Rob has come is amazing. This will be my sixth grandchild and I can't think of any more important reason to embrace the relationship.”

But Chyna was only irritated that Rob had spilled the beans to his mom that they were expecting a girl.

“I guess that is just the Kardashian family, talk, talk, talk,” Chyna said. 

She laterspent a car ride making fun of Rob's “mama’s boy” relationship with Kris.

“Rob has been babied by his mom and his sisters and it is just a little bit different for me as I was not raised like that,” she said.

Rob’s excuse was, “I mean that's my mom, it just came out.”

He also revealed on the show that he had been chasing Chyna for a year before she noticed him. 

Kris later came in handy for Chyna when she had a huge fight with Rob and went to her future mother-in-law for advice. While Kris confronted Chyna over kicking Rob out of her house, she helped get Rob back on track and back home.

“I think he is learning how to be in a long-term relationship and I think it is great he has thrown himself into this relationship with you King, and the baby. It is cute,” Kris said. 

“The hardest thing for me being in a relationship with Robert is people thinking Im a gold digging ho,” Chyna told the cameras. Then she did appear shocked when Rob told her he was not worth $100 million

But Rob says his wife-to-be saved his life, 

“They just don't know her and they don't know how hopeful she is. My life went from being in the dark in my room for three years gaining a grip of weight to getting it together and on top of that she has got a really good butt,” he said.

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