Call Tyra Banks: Darren and Phillip Are The Dog Models The World Needs Now

Call Tyra Banks: Darren and Phillip Are The Dog Models The World Needs Now

These dogs can smize!

By Stacy Lenz

If you had asked us yesterday how we felt about Instagram models, we would have shrugged and said, “Meh.” It seemed like social media influencers just pose in front of pink walls, shill detox tea, and overuse hashtags. But that was yesterday and we were terribly wrong. We have since found Instagram models that have restored our faith in both social media and, well, life. 'Cause obviously, we are talking about dogs.

The dog models of our dreams are none other than English Staffordshire terriers Darren and Phillip, collectively known as The Blueboys. Like all models (Instagram or otherwise), these dogs are shockingly gorgeous. With shiny blue-tinted grey fur, kind eyes, and dopey-yet-endearing smiles, it's hard not to fall in love with these handsome lads. And as if being super-photogenic weren’t enough, these Staffies up the ante by being world-class cuddlers.

According to their human companion Jennifer McLean, Darren and Phillip are natural snugglers, and are never more than a few meters away from each other. It’s hard to believe these two puppers are not brothers, but Jennifer and her now husband (then fiancé), got Darren first and didn’t welcome Phillip into their home until the following year. Since Phillip’s arrival, the two pups have been inseparable, always cuddling up together in different, increasingly adorable combinations. Jennifer—who is also a photographer—knew she had to share their cuteness with the world, so in 2013, the Blueboys Instagram was born.

Early on, Jennifer must have sensed the canine duo’s flare for fashion, because she began dressing them in dog clothes. Being natural-born models, Darren and Phillip loved being gussied up and posed perfectly for her photos. Not content with the meager offerings of dog clothes on the market, Jennifer soon upgraded to baby clothes, with the dogs favoring cozy baby onesies. Jennifer then leveled up the dogs’ style once again, this time producing her own line of dog clothes. The Darren and Phillip collection features smart, preppy dog hoodies—and, of course, signature dog onesie pajamas. You can even buy yourself a set of pajamas to match your pup!

But even better? Darren and Phillip are not just fur fashionistas: they are also fur-lanthropists. Twenty percent of the proceeds from their clothing line go to rescue groups all over the world. Through their clothing line and other fundraising they have already been able to donate $50,000 to charity!
To Darren and Phillip we say, thank you, sweet dogs, for your charity, for bringing a smile to our faces, and for restoring our faith in Instagram models. We would buy DIFF Eyewear from you any day.

It's Spring. I'm happy. Dazzy 🌺🌸🌼🌷🌺🌸🌼🌷🌼🌺

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Seal pup in blanket hammock giving u dis big derpy smile. Pls enjoy ur week 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂 Darren

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Ok folks, we've made a big decision. Since I've been doing a terrible job of keeping up the boys account lately, we've decided this year to hand the phone over to the boys entirely to let them run their own account.😱🙈😂🐶🐶 I have no idea what they are going to be posting, but they assure me they have entertaining stuff to post. 🙈Probably just a bunch of selfies but we will soon see! Before I go I thought I'd introduce the boys properly with a personality profile of each of them. That way when they take over tomorrow they won't be able to pretend they are tough or cool because you'll already know what they are really like 😂 #embarrasingmumpost Here is Darren's personality profile, Phillips is in the next post. Comment after reading both to let us know which personality matches yours the most. #teamdazzy #teamphilly Darren 💙 Always silly, goofing around. 💙 Athletic but not too lean, lives a balanced life between loving running and loving carbs equally. 💙 Needy, follows Bae to all corners of the house, sitting on their lap and getting hair stroked wherever possible. Human version could be prone to serial crazy person texting without a response WHERE ARE YOU, WHO IS SHE etc etc. 💙 Social butterfly. Fears FOMO (fear of missing out) Known as the one who can make anyone laugh, views are 'even if they are laughing at you instead of with you you don't care as long as you are being entertaining'. 💙 Big fan of the kiss hello. #personalspaceinvader 💙 Annoying (in a lovable kind of way). Has no 'off switch', annoying mode is almost always on at top level. 💙Short attention span. 💙 Loves selfies. Always the one to crack the camera out at a party. 💙Easily led. Human version could be prone to breaking diets in the name of a mid week dinner date. Dry July almost never exists and sticking to any kind of plan for more than a week is just a thing you only read about. 💙 A good friend, always there for a laugh and a good time, loves unconditionally.

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Here is Phillips personality profile, Darren's is in the previous post. Comment after reading both to let us know which personality matches yours the most. #teamdazzy or #teamphilly Phillip. ❤️ Priorities in order of importance are Food, sleep, more food, then maybe, (only maybe) human interaction. ❤️ Sees strenuous exercise as something suckers do. Practices yoga instead. (not the hard stuff just the floor stretches and sleeping on the mat). ❤️ Reserved, sees loud people (like Darren) as immature hooligans. Prefers deep conversations if any. Avoids any small talk at all expenses. ❤️Philosophical. A thinker. Hard to get worked up about much in life. (unless it's dinner time and there's pizza.) ❤️ Known for having an intense #RBF (resting bitch face) (Human version could be known around the office to be a total snob bc you rarely ever smile. But deep down you're a really nice person, they just don't take the time to get to know you). ❤️ Selective on who touches him because mum didn't raise you to be easy. #dontkissmehelloever ❤️Knows there's a lot to be said for organic health food and wants to be that person but love for junk is just too strong. ❤️ Known among friends as the last minute canceller bc being social is way harder than eating junk food in sweatpants. ❤️ Loving, gentle and thoughtful. A very big thank you to @winniethebluestaffy Muvver for our bandannas that she sewed herself! We love them! Xxxx

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