Cosmetics Queen Bobbi Brown Talks The Importance of Female Friendships

Cosmetics Queen Bobbi Brown Talks The Importance of Female Friendships

The makeup guru is all about "being nice and feeling happy."

By Hilary Sheinbaum

Bobbi Brown knows how to make women feel beautiful. The entrepreneur and lifestyle expert has been doing just that since she moved to New York City to be a professional makeup artist in 1980 and when she launched a line of lipsticks in 1991. So, it’s no surprise she finds it essential to support other females.

A cosmetics and skincare empire, three kids, and several editorial contributions later, Bobbi attended a event at NYC’s STORY on June 6 to chat about beauty, personal reinvention and her new book, Beauty from the Inside Out.

We caught up with the inspiring makeup maven to inquire about female friendship and her relationship with someone she’s known from day one – herself.

The new book is about mindfulness, makeup, and taking care of oneself. The latter is something Bobbi can definitely relate to. “I’m working on the art of saying no,” she says. “I need more time to be unscheduled and simply be more open to what I feel like doing.” One thing, in particular, she does to relax is partake in Epson salt baths.

But self-care isn’t just about treating yourself externally, “I believe how you live your life is such an important part of beauty,” says Brown. “If not only done by eating well, but also by giving back, being nice and feeling happy. Good energy to me is beauty. It comes across on your face.”

Living well also means that Bobbi strives to surround herself with positive people who are uplifting.

“There are always women who don’t understand this and are not supportive, but divisive. Find other women,” she says.

Brown is always looking to encourage other females. “There are so many women in transition. I get very excited about new chapters. Right now, I’m excited to be mentoring my little sister as a health coach and fitness guru. We are working on how she can grow her audience while not over-thinking everything.”

These exchanges are not only positive and helpful for the women Brown is facilitating, but the actions make her feel empowered and optimistic, as well. Because her network of women is so strong, her friends always return the favor. She says of the past three females she’s cheered on, “All of them, I work, or have worked with, are so supportive and authentic, and lift me up when I’m down. It’s awesome to know who to call and snap myself out of the funk.”

Alternatively, there have been people in the past that didn’t fit the same mold. “When you realize that there are some people in your life or circle that aren’t the positive, trusted people you need around, you have to work to make a difference. Surround yourself with positive, upbeat, and happy people. You can’t believe the difference,” says Bobbi of the change. “It’s like cleaning out your closet.”

When it comes to self-confidence, there’s no doubt Brown has a ton of it, but there are a few go-to makeup items that make her feel self-assured. Her favorites? “A great moisturizer that instantly plumps up the skin and gives you a dewy glow, a pink blush on the apples of the cheeks for a natural flushed look that makes you look instantly prettier, and concealer: the easier way to make the eyes look brighter and more awake.”

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