Bobby Flay Sues Furniture Company Over "Deficient" and "Intolerably Uncomfortable" $19,000 Couch

Bobby Flay Sues Furniture Company Over "Deficient" and "Intolerably Uncomfortable" $19,000 Couch

Can't we just hash this out over brunch?

By Drew DiSabatino

Bobby Flay is…competitive. He’s bested world-class culinary masters in a multitude of cooking shows including Iron Chef and Iron Chef America, he’s completed three New York City marathons, and he’s an owner, or partial-owner, of several thoroughbred racehorses. Two of his shows even feature him competing head-to-head with expert chefs: Throwdown With Bobby Flay and Beat Bobby Flay.

So yeah, the guy likes to win.

And if he’s even half as good at winning as he is at whipping up brunch, there’s a furniture maker in New Jersey that has good reason to be nervous.

Eater reports that Flay filed a lawsuit against Jamie Stern Designs earlier this month after a couch delivered to his home did not meet his standards. The $19,046.35 sectional sofa, which was delivered to Flay’s New York City apartment in February 2016, was said to be “deficient and not suitable for use” because it was “intolerably uncomfortable to sit on for any extended period of time.” The lawsuit went on to say that Stern breached its agreement with Chef Flay by “manufacturing and delivering a Sofa that was unsuitable for use.”

Considering that basically the only ask of a couch is to “be comfortable to sit on for long periods of time,” we can understand why that’s a less-than-ideal sofa scenario. (Maybe Nacho could testify to the unsuitability of the couch?)

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Stern, the lawsuit alleges, refused to make amends over the situation, neither reimbursing nor repairing the sofa to make it less…un-couch-like. So Flay is suing Stern for the full price of the sofa—as well as pre- and post-judgment interest.

The lawsuit was filed on June 8, which means Stern has somewhere around 20 to 30 days to respond to the summons. In the meantime, Flay can relax and wait for the response from the comfort of his home.

Just not from his couch.

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