Bravo Shows That Could Really Benefit from a Dog (Or In Some Cases WAY MORE Dogs)

Bravo Shows That Could Really Benefit from a Dog (Or In Some Cases WAY MORE Dogs)

Bravo programming is pretty much perfect...but even perfection can benefit from MORE DOGS!

By Stacy Lenz

Maybe we're biased, but we think that most Bravo shows are pretty much perfect. That said, we do believe the network's programming can be improved in one small way: MORE DOGS! Here are some suggestions for additions to the casts of a few of our favorite shows!

Ladies of London: This show needs a dog befitting a queen, or at least a drama queen. Get one of these gals a Corgi, stat. It would be a perfect fit for Juliet Angus now that her BFF Caroline Stanbury has moved to Dubai (as she’ll need someone new to follow around). Bonus: She can even dress him up and feature him on her fashion blog.

Trying to look natural 😬

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Southern Charm: Charlotte, Landon Clements’ dog, has been stealing the show this season, but since Landon’s busy with romantic entanglements, Charlotte needs a new friend! Enter Cameran Eubanks who we strongly believe needs to get a dog regardless. And we have the perfect suggestion: A three-legged rescue pup!

Below Deck: Tensions run high on the high seas with so many people living in close quarters—and none more tense than with everyone’s fave old salty dog, Captain Lee. While the crew often deserves the captain's gruff demeanor, a furry first mate could help the Cap'n show his softer side.

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The Real Housewives of Potomac: While some of the ladies have dogs already, they don't get nearly enough screen time. So that's why we think Karen Huger should go full Lisa Vanderpump and get a lapdog to bring with her everywhere, a la Giggy. She has the attitude to pull it off—she just needs to find the perfect pup.

Summer House: The Wirkus twins had us seeing double, but now with Ashley leaving Lauren behind to move to California, we have the perfect replacement for a dynamic duo on the show:

Sweet Home Oklahoma: This show has a bunch of cute dogs already, but we can always use another dog in the mix! Angie “Pumps” Sullivan is a genius for enlisting her dog to help her get her step count up on her fitness tracker, so why stop there!? Another workout buddy would be equally hilarious.

#RifferD just doing a little exercising! #whitelabs #exercisedog @southernpridelabs

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Top Chef: Okay, this one gets a little tricky. Sure, you want dogs around all you all the time, but maaaybe not when someone is preparing your Michelin-level meal. So aside from creating a dog-sized hairnet, we have a solution. The eliminated contestant gets a consolation prize, err pup, to cuddle away the sadness of losing! (Alt idea: Make a scraps-loving dog the third judge.)

Nom nom Pug Kitchen Sushi 🍣 #pugkitchen

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