Why Did a Wedding-Bound Bride and Groom Get Kicked Off Their Plane?!

Why Did a Wedding-Bound Bride and Groom Get Kicked Off Their Plane?!

It's complicated.

By Alesandra Dubin

United Airlines hardly needs any more bad press these days — consider the viral stories including leggings-clad teens, forceful and bloody seat removal, and even a mid-air scorpion bite. So was one couple simply being opportunistic by trying to pile on — or even more simply, just trying to score an unpaid upgrade — or did the airline really boot a bride and groom en route to their actual wedding?

Here's the story: The bride and groom were removed from their United flight this past Saturday, en route to their wedding in Costa Rica. No one challenges the fact that the couple was actually indeed booted. But the duo and airline reps don’t tell the same story about what led to that removal, and the specifics surrounding it.

The couple told Houston news outlet KHOU-TV in Houston that they had boarded the flight to Liberia airport in Costa Rica. When they approached their assigned seats, the said, the found a man lying asleep across that entire set of three seats in the row. Rather than waking him up, they moved up several rows — into what happen to be premium seats in a row designated Economy Plus.

The couple says that when a flight attendant asked whether they were in the correct seats, they said they were not… and then asked if they could get an upgrade. (Hey, you might as well ask, right?)

Well, the answer was no and they were told to return to their originally assigned seats. The soon-to-wed pair said they did as they were told… but then a U.S. marshal came over and told them to get off the plane altogether, without offering an explanation.

Airline reps don’t report the same sequence of events. “These passengers repeatedly attempted to sit in upgraded seating which they did not purchase and they would not follow crew instructions to return to their assigned seats.” a United spokesperson told the Daily Mail. As well, the rep said no marshal or pill were involved, and the couple was rebooked on flights the following day instead.

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