This Puppy is the ‘80s Heartthrob of your Dreams

This Puppy is the ‘80s Heartthrob of your Dreams

Brussels.Sprout was born in the wrong decade.

By Brussels.Sprout of The Dog Agency

Remember the ending of Sixteen Candles when Jake Ryan (hello, dreamy!) and Sam were sitting on top the dining room table and he kissed her and made all of her birthday wishes come true?  It doesn’t get more major than that. Well, maybe it does.

Meet Sprout (@brussels.sprout).

I wanna live in an 80s high school romcom

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This tiny pup may have been born in 2016, but he’s throwing it back 30 years (ok whoa, who else feels old?) and reimagining our fave ‘80s movie characters. From richie jerks to dreamy seniors, Sprout’s take on these epic teen idols is sure to make you swoon. 

The Class Clown

Class clown

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He’s sat behind you since the 5th grade and is constantly pulling your tail. You hate him—like, gag you with a spoon hate. But then one day you’re both thrown in Saturday Puptention, and you realize this wastoid is actually pretty ace.

The Frat Boy

He’s a triple legacy at Pawvard and the president of Alpha Dogga fraternity. He’s blond, tan and athletic, but pretty soon you realize he’s just another snob with a tennis ball.  After all, jocks drool and nerds totally rule.

The Ferris

Brussels? … Brussels? …. Brussels?  In a class of one, this righteous dude is adorable, witty and can charm his way into anything. He’ll sneak you out of Obedience Class and the next thing you know, he’s on top of a parade float singing, “Wellshake it up puppy now! Twist and howl!”Then the entire city breaks into an epic group dance. 

The Entrepreneur

Mild-mannered and clean-cut, he joined the Future Pupterprisers Club to boost his application to Pawprintston University. But then his humans leave town, and he’s about to get into a little Frisky Business…

Mr. Popular, AKA Mr. Perfect

Alright you average poodles, listen up: you may think he has no idea you exist, but this dreamboat senior is tired of perkie yorkie cheerleaders and has his eye on you! Ditch your crazy family, ‘cause this sweet and sensitive pup is here to make your sweet sixteen unforgettable. 

The Preppy

He’s rich, rides around in his human’s bitchin’ convertible and thinks he runs puppy play group. But he’s a total jerk to all the mutts and we see right through him. Money can’t buy everything, Griff, and we’re totally down with #adoptdontshop.

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