Caitlyn Jenner Reveals How She Hid Her Breasts As Bruce - And How She Was Nearly Caught

Caitlyn Jenner Reveals How She Hid Her Breasts As Bruce - And How She Was Nearly Caught

"I know I am really playing with fire at this point," she writes in her new book. 

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As the world began to suspect that something more than just a facelift was going on with Bruce Jenner, there was so much more Caitlyn Jenner was hiding.

Around the time Bruce was 40, the hormones he was taking had started making him grow breasts, which he wanted but wasn't ready to reveal to anyone. In her new memoir, The Secrets Of My Life, Caitlyn writes that painful electrolysis helped her rid herself of her beard, and her smaller nose she could blame on a simple nose job, but hiding her breasts was becoming impossible.

"Removing the beard I could get away with. The nose job I could get away with. The development of breasts from the hormones? Not so easy," she writes. 

"I always wear something tight underneath to bind them and then a baggy shirt. Unless it's a suit."

There is one time where Caitlyn was almost found out, when she appeared on a TV show and someone got a little too close for comfort. 

"The producers pick out a shirt for me to wear," she writes. "It is too tight. The actress Nicolette Sheridan is also a guest on the show. We appear together and for whatever reason she puts her hand on my shirt. She is clearly startled. She feels something she did not expect."

Caitlyn writes that she just kept on talking and "nobody says anything else."

"Another escape," she says.

But getting mic'd up for Bruce's TV appearances started getting tricky. The sound person always went under his shirt to pull the microphone up, and Bruce had stopped allowing the close contact.

"I know I am really playing with fire at this point. I also know I have to take these risks in order to survive," she says. "It also means a lot of people are seeing me. Which of course gears up the rumor mill. The rumors aren't mere rumors anymore." 

Bruce stopped transitioning in 1989. And then he met Kris Jenner. 

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