Caitlyn Jenner Reveals The Woman Who Knew Her Secret (And Bought Her Women's Clothing)

Caitlyn Jenner Reveals The Woman Who Knew Her Secret (And Bought Her Women's Clothing)

She had one trusted friend who guarded her truth.

By Personal Space Staff

Caitlyn Jenner was living in Malibu, alone, following her second divorce, and she began to explore dressing like a woman more and more (when she was Bruce Jenner), she explains in her memoir, "The Secrets Of My Life."

She called it her "self-imposed isolation," in a beach shack in Point Dume, when she was distancing herself from everyone and turning an extra bedroom into a woman's closet. Her kids didn't know, neither did her mom, who was happy that Bruce had "a girlfriend." But there was no girlfriend. And growing increasingly more isolated, then-Bruce had to get women's clothing somehow. So (he) turned to a friend.

Caitlyn writes, "Wendy Roth, a coordinating producer for Good Morning America, where I worked as a field reporter, has purchased many of them for me. Wendy has become my confidante, the person I trust the most and have told the most until I go into therapy. Unlike anyone else, as far as I know, she did think something was astray."

Caitlyn explains that Wendy is one of the only people who actually listens to her, the two begin speaking for hours on the phone in the 1980s while Bruce fights his urges to transition. Wendy suggests that he go away for a while, and when he holes up in the shack, she helps Bruce buy dresses and lingerie.

"When a salesperson asks if we need help, we tell them we are shopping for Wendy and she has dragged me along," Caitlyn writes.

Sometimes Wendy shops alone for wigs for Bruce, and sends them to him. As Bruce's marriage to Kris Jenner is falling apart, he opens a debit card account in Wendy's name and puts money into it so Wendy can buy him clothes without anything being traced directly to Bruce.

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