Call Her The Tinder Whisperer - This Woman Will Be Your Social Media *Voice* If Yours Sucks

Call Her The Tinder Whisperer - This Woman Will Be Your Social Media *Voice* If Yours Sucks

Because we all want to believe in love at first swipe.


By Annie Ackerman

Meet Meredith Golden, the New York City matchmaker who flirts on dating apps - for you.

The married mother of two ghostwrites online dating profiles for her many clients, sets up dates and virtually banters back and forth to potential suitors. She’ll even debrief every detail of your actual real-life date with you afterwards. All with one goal in mind: land singles into relationships.

Meredith loves the job.

The idea to become a dating coach came to her after successfully setting up so many friends. Strangers then began contacting her for help. In order to stay organized and really go on the journey with them, she works with a maximum of 12 clients at a time. She charges $1,100 for the first month of coaching, $1,000 for the second, and $900 for each additional month.

Meredith herself met her husband through friends 16 years ago – before dating apps “were a thing.” So how does she know how to personally use the apps to find love if she never did it herself? Her training in "people" is what makes her a trusted expert. She earned her Masters of Social Work degree from NYU and practiced psychotherapy in New York, focusing on helping patients identify their negative patterns and empowering them to make better choices. She promises this is exactly what she’ll do for you.

It’s 2017 and everyone is convinced they’ll meet Mr. Right through Bumble, Tinder, or The League. After all, it seems like we all have a friend who met her dreamy new flame from the comfort of her own phone –or swiping on the elliptical at Equinox (I’ve seen it more than once!) But how do you find your perfect match if you don’t think you attract the right guys, miss every red flag, or can’t figure out how to play the dating app game?

Personal Space spoke with Meredith to learn her biggest secrets to finding love through swiping.

Personal Space: How did you become an expert matchmaker?

Meredith Golden: I didn’t set my sights on earning this title. Truthfully, I was just doing something I love and the success followed. My job combines all of my best skills: super-connector, writer, problem solver, and an intuitive ability to sum people up.

PS: There are so many dating apps out there. How do you know what will work best for each client?

MG: I know the sites inside and out. As I'm working with a client and learning about their history and relationship goals, it's easy for me to figure out which one(s) will be the optimal fit.

PS: Which one dating app would you recommend to millennial women?

MG: That's easy! Bumble for the millennials. It's a single’s smorgasbord for the ‘never married with no children’ set.

PS: What is your go-to spot for a first date? (Cocktail bar, dive bar, activity.)

MG: If it's a first meet, it should be short and sweet, and under one hour. A cup of coffee or one drink is ample. Now, if there is chemistry and the meet morphs into a ‘real first date,’ I always recommend doing an activity because a seated meal creates meal anxiety-- that constant need for flowing conversation. The awkward silences--even just one--can feel like an eternity and change the energy and momentum of the date in a nanosecond. An activity date alleviates meal anxiety and opens up the occasion for fun! Any activity like ping pong, flying trapeze class, shuffleboard, pottery, painting, snow tubing, driving range, batting cages, or even wine tasting creates pockets of fun that foster bonding in a more natural habitat than the traditional dinner date.

PS: How do people find out about you and your services?

MG: I'm a word of mouth business and rely strictly on satisfied clientele for referrals.

PS: What is something about you and your business that would surprise people?

MG: People are surprised to learn that I'm married with two young kids. While I'm posing as my clients online helping them secure dates, on occasion, I’m also juggling my three-year-old, reminding him to get his finger out of his nose, or nagging my eight-year-old to do his homework.

PS: What are some tips for an eye catching profile?

MG: The happier the single looks, the more attractive they are to prospective dates.

PS: For success, how often should people be swiping?

MG: Singles should swipe or message strictly Monday through Thursday for about two to five minutes a day. They should not swipe or message over the weekend, which are for having fun and living a full life. Saturday and Sunday online daters subtly send the opposite message by taking action over the weekend.

PS: Please share a story (or successful set-up!) that you’re most proud of.

MG: While my answer should be about a single walking down the aisle wearing Monique Lhuillier at The Pierre, it isn't! My proudest success is actually a client who had tremendous growth via our work together; we can call her ‘Beth.’ When I first met Beth, she couldn't even stick to a meet and there was a lot of room for improvement. I quickly diagnosed one of her biggest issues was being an eager beaver who never gave guys a chance to chase her because she was too busy doing the chasing. Ultimately, this client blossomed to dating several different suitors, each who evolved into 8 to 10 dates. Through our work together she learned how to open up, foster friendships and romance with dates, flirt appropriately, play the game, and create space and time for the guy to learn about her great attributes and everything wonderful she had to offer.

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