Steve Gold Posted a Pic of a Stuffed Animal Chair So Obviously We Had to Investigate

Steve Gold Posted a Pic of a Stuffed Animal Chair So Obviously We Had to Investigate

Look out for his new spin-off, Million Dollar Listing: Dolphin Furniture.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Here at Unleashed, we specialize in animal content. And one of the cool things about our job is that no higher-up ever told us, “You can only write about real-life animals,” so we have extended our coverage to include things like Impressive Dog Latte Art and Creepily Realistic Pet Tattoos.

And today, we are happy to branch out one step further and introduce you to stuffed animal furniture, because, really, what else are we supposed to do when we see a papasan made out of plush marine life?

Everyone’s favorite (or second favorite or third favorite) broker from Million Dollar Listing New York, Steve Gold, shared the following photo of a $4,000,000 apartment he is currently listing on Broome Street in New York City. Sure, it’s large and it’s opulent and it’s outrageously expensive (just as we expect all Steve Gold listings to be), but one particular thing stood out…

This chair made out of stuffed dolphins and whales.

We couldn’t quite decide if that was the best or the worst piece of furniture we’d ever seen, so we decided to do a deep dive, effectively informing ourselves and making the right call. Here is a clearer picture:

The chair is a product of brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, a Brazilian duo known for making furniture out of unconventional materials (to say the least). Their series of stuffed animal banquet chairs—which date back to 2002—is definitely more fashion than function. And considering their auction prices usually start around $20,000, you might want to avoid using them as actual seating. (Then again, if you’re spending $20,000 on a chair, money is probably not your greatest concern in life.)

Here are some of their greatest stuffed animal works:

Alligator Chair

Teddy Bear Chair

Banquete Chair

Armchair of Thousand Eyes

Cartoon Chair

Panda Banquete

Can anybody loan us $20,000? Thx.

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