So, Are You Actually Allowed to Bring a Cake on a Plane, or What?

So, Are You Actually Allowed to Bring a Cake on a Plane, or What?

JetBlue flight attendants removed a cake-toting family of four from a flight bound for a surprise party.

By Alesandra Dubin

Over the weekend, JetBlue removed a New Jersey family of four from their flight to Las Vegas after it was reported that they wouldn't budge when a flight attendant asked them to remove a cake they'd brought from the overhead bin.

The trip was to celebrate the mother's susprise birthday party in Las Vegas.

And yes, of course this all comes on the heels of much-publicized, and seemingly endless string of customer service disasters such as Leggings-Gate, bloody Bump-Gate, and the Dead Pet Rabbit Incident — and so many more.

So while the details of the specific cake case continued to emerge, let's start with the basics in the event this ever applies to you: Can you actually bring a cake on a plane? According to TSA, the answer is yes — same goes for cookies, chocolate, and other delectables.

Consider special exceptions, however — such as the case of a layered so-called "cupcake in a jar," which as described on the TSA blog, was deemed to have enough icing that it exceeded the limit for the category of "gels."

According to the blog, "The bottom line is that you can bring cakes, pies, and cupcakes through the security checkpoint, but you should expect that they might get some additional screening, and if something doesn’t seem right, there is always the potential you won’t be able to take it through."

If your'e ever unsure, by the way, you can always snap a pitcture of your proposed carryon item, and send it to AskTSA on Facebook Messenger or Twitter — and you should get an answer back, even on weekends and holidays.

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