Can't Stand Your Fiancé's Parents? Here's What You Can Do to Change That

Can't Stand Your Fiancé's Parents? Here's What You Can Do to Change That

Who cares if they don't like don't like them.

By Jen Glantz

Just because you found the love of your life and the person you are excited to spend forever with, doesn't mean you'll also fall head over heels for their parents.

Perhaps your soon-to-be significant other's folks are driving you crazy, making you constantly roll your eyes, or making you get the jitters at the thought of having them become family. Maybe they embarrass you so much that you secretly wish you could sit at a table on the other side of the restaurant when you go out with them.

Sometimes it's hard to relate or get a long with your financé's parents, and when that happens, it's best to start damage control as soon as possible.

1. Have a heart to heart

Chances are if you're not clicking with the parents, the main reason is you don't fully understand them. Get to know them better and do this one-on-one. Spend an afternoon doing their favorite activity with them or take them out for lunch. Even if you still don't love them after an afternoon together, you will at least learn how to deal with them a little bit more.

2. Give them wedding tasks

If your fiancé’s parents are trying to hack your wedding or driving you crazy by making wedding plans you never wanted, keep them busy by assigning them specific tasks to take care of. Make those tasks things you are indifferent about and tasks that they can’t add too much of their own spin on, like arranging transportation or figuring out hotel room blocks for out of town guests.

3. Alternate holidays

The thought of having to spend the holiday season with your new family may be making your skin crawl, so be sure to have an open and honest conversation with your fiancé about alternating holidays so that you can spend time with your family too.

4. Keep yourself busy

If you're stuck at their house for the weekend or finding yourself traveling with them on a family vacation, be sure to carve out alone time or keep yourself busy with tasks so that you're not spending 24/7 with them the whole time.

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