We Were Kinda Mad at This Cat Who Steals Money From People Until We Heard His Explanation

We Were Kinda Mad at This Cat Who Steals Money From People Until We Heard His Explanation

CASHnip Kitty is the feline Robin Hood our country didn’t know it needed.

By Matt Russoniello

A fact: You work hard for your money and don’t deserve to have it stolen from you. Another fact: OR DO YOU???

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We’ve just heard tell of a cat who steals actual American dollars from kindly human beings such as yourself. Our initial reaction, of course, was pure, unadulterated outrage. Like, what gives, cat?! Stealing money is morally wrong, and it is a behavior that besmirches the good name of cute kitties everywhere!

But TWIST! This cat, a tabby CASHnip Kitty, is actually a sort of feline Robin Hood—steal from the rich, give to the purr, etc.—and his penchant for thievery serves a truly good cause.

You see, CASHnip Kitty is a cat who lives at the GuRuStu marketing offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After adopting CASHnip from the Tulsa Animal Shelter, the company’s owner, Stuart McDaniel, noticed a few dollar bills on the floor inside the office’s closed doors. He and his team intuitively felt that somehow CASHnip was responsible. And it turns out they were right. "We figured people must have been using dollars to play with the kitty through the door and he snatched their money,” Stuart tells Love Meow. Lo and behold…

Here’s where things get interesting. All of the money CASHnip steals is being donated to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. Making this an especially heartwarming twist is the fact that CASHnip himself was homeless before being adopted by Stuart’s company. “Being in the downtown area we see a lot of homeless people pass by our window… It weighs heavy on our hearts,” Stuart says. "Many of these people stop and play with our Kitty through the front window. They never bother us, they just love to tap the glass and say Hi to the Kitty. So that's why we decided to donate CASHnip Kitty's dollars to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless."

After discovering CASHnip’s, er, talent, Stuart and Co. decided to take advantage of the opportunity by placing a “warning” sign near the door that reads, “CASHnip Kitty is a hustler with a philanthropic heart. He will snatch your money! All donations go to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.”

And it’s working! CASHnip has already nabbed more than $100 in donations from passersby, and that number will only increase from here. Good job, CASHnip Kitty! We’re sorry we doubted your kind and generous heart!

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