These Famous Celebs’ Spouses Don’t Mind Being Out of the Spotlight

These Famous Celebs’ Spouses Don’t Mind Being Out of the Spotlight

Plus, tips to make your introvert/extrovert relationship sing.


By Delaina Dixon

They say opposites attract. For celebs who headline billboards and walk red carpets regularly, that means being with someone who stays out of the limelight. “Introverts tend to be introspective and extroverts love the center stage; it can make for a great balance and superb partnership,” declares relationship expert Fran Greene, author of Dating Again with Courage & Confidence. “It’s fun and adventurous being around an extrovert and it’s calming and reassuring being around an introvert — which can be an ideal combo.”

Of course, this type of pairing does have its challenges. “Extroverts never want to leave the party,” Greene says. “Introverts have an internal alarm that sends the message that they are overly stimulated and need to recover and retreat to quiet, calming surroundings. Once the extrovert understands that, he or she will have more empathy for their partner.”

In turn, an introvert has to “continuously work on communicating with their partner and find ways to express their love and affection — sending a flirty text, leaving a loving voicemail or a romantic card and displaying random acts of kindness, saying ‘I love you’ are all ways to say I care.”

Here are ten celebrities whose spouses don’t mind leaving the spotlight behind.

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer

Meryl Streep has been married to sculptor Don Gummer since 1978. While he’s put in appearances for the award-winning actress to collect her three Oscars, he chooses to stay out of her spotlight for the rest of the time.

Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder

Julia Roberts surprised everyone when she married cameraman Daniel Moder in 2002 after meeting him on the set The Mexican. The couple celebrated their 15th anniversary this year, and keep a low profile when Julia’s not making or promoting her films.

Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton

It’s hard to believe that Cate Blanchett has been married to her husband, playwright Andrew Upton, for 20 years. Understanding that he lives a little in Cate’s shadow, her devoted hubby doesn’t mind supporting her moment on the red carpet. And Cate took time off the carpet so they two could run a theater in Sydney, Australia.

Pierce Bronson and Keely Shane Smith

You’re more likely to find Keely Shaye Smith, Pierce Bronson’s wife for more than a decade, working on environmental causes than walking a Hollywood carpet. The former TV journalist has been actively fighting for the planet for years, starting several organizations with her equally devoted husband.

Woody Harrelson and Laura Louis

Like Pierce Bronson’s wife, Laura Louis is devoted to protecting the planet. After serving as Woody’s personal assistant for two years, the two married in 2008 at their home in Hawaii. She’s co-founder of their organic food-delivery service Yoganics and lives a sustainable life that keeps her off the Hollywood grid.

Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond

While Tina Fey is front and center in her series, her husband Jeff Richmond is always just off-screen. The composer and producer created music for and directed some episodes of 30 Rock, and executive produces and composes the music for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The couple married in 2001, after dating for seven years.

Julie Bowen and Scott Phillips

Julie Bowen’s husband may get a prize for keeping himself out of the spotlight. The couple celebrated their 12th anniversary during the live 2016 Emmy broadcast, and he was nowhere to be seen. The Modern Family star later revealed that husband Scott was playing in a tennis tournament - with her blessing.

Clive Owen and Sarah-Jane Fenton

Clive Owen’s wife started her career in front of the camera, acting in the eighties and nineties. After meeting Owen while they played Romeo and Juliet at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, they married in 1995. The couple turned their attention to raising their two daughters. Sarah then strayed from her acting roots, choosing instead to do doctoral research at the University of Birmingham and studying mental health services.

Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger

They’ve been together for two decades, but Paul Rudd and wife Julie Yaeger have both pretty much kept their relationship under wraps. The two recently did do a red carpet together at Sundance 2017 to celebrate Julie’s publicist-turned-screenwriter premiere for her film Fun Mom Dinner, which Paul stars in.

Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon

There’s a reason why Ricky’s life partner doesn’t have time to walk the red carpets – she’s too busy writing books. The prolific author has six award-winning books and another hitting th shelves in 2018. She and Ricky have been together since meeting at the University College London in 1982.

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