Which Celebrity Snacks Should You Be Eating, and Which Ones Are a Total Lie?

Which Celebrity Snacks Should You Be Eating, and Which Ones Are a Total Lie?

Step away from the almond cheese.

By Drew DiSabatino

Celebrities get away with touting all kinds of crazy lifestyle ideas—but do any of them actually work? Specifically, all those healthy snacks that stars claim keep them fit and full and happy: Almond cheese, or pickles, or salt water, or what have you. What's the deal?

We’ve done our fair share of investigative (kind of) journalism (kind of) into the culinary habits of the cultural elite before, but Delish just courageously decided to test out some of the snacks celebrities claim to use to stave off hunger, in order to see which ones actually satisfy and which ones will leave you headed for a serious bender.

Check out a few of our favorite results below, and read the rest of the Delish report here.

Selena Gomez's Pickles

Real relationship goal? Find someone who loves you the way Selena Gomez loves pickles. The star is apparently never without her trusty snack food, which she uses to keep hunger at bay throughout the day. We’ve got to wonder how many she’s eating, though, since these babies don’t do the trick. As Delish concedes “with nearly zero calories, they’re not exactly filling.” But maybe after a dozen or so, you just get tired of chewing and take a nap?

Hillary Duff’s Spicy Watermelon

While “Hillary Duff’s Spicy Watermelon” reads more like a shot you would order at a Tiki bar, this snack is pretty simple, healthy and innocent: watermelon wedges sprinkled with chili powder and lime. It definitely sounds delicious too, and we’d eat it. But does it fill you up?

Kind of. But though it might taste great, you’ve got to eat a decent chunk of watermelon before you start feeling full, so be ready. Still, we're down for this one.

Tim Tebow's Bulletproof Coffee

Much has been made of Tebow’s intricate coffee order before; it's basically a more complicated version of the classic bulletproof coffee recipe. But for this story, it seems Delish went the simpler route, just adding a pat of butter to a cup of coffee. The results? Apparently pretty nasty. Nasty enough to pour all the coffee down the drain. So maybe Tebow’s complex recipe is the secret to pulling this off without wasting all those beans, not to mention your whole morning?

Jessica Alba's Almond Cheese

Jessica Alba (pictured below and top) may not be from this world. There’s little other way to explain some of her diet choices (see: drinking salt water). But while her appetite-killing snack of choice, almond cheese, is not the craziest selection we've ever heard, it was a big swing and miss for Delish. To hear it from the source “The awkwardly nutty flavor, in combination with the rubbery texture, of this faux mozzarella make for a very bad experience.” Strike another blow for the nut cheese trend.

Since "a very bad experience" isn't exactly what we're looking for in our snack choices, we'll take a pass on this one. And we'll just stick with almonds. President Obama likes them, and one handful does seem to work like magic.

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