This is What One Kernel of Billion Dollar Popcorn Tastes Like

This is What One Kernel of Billion Dollar Popcorn Tastes Like

Your Netflix and chill night just got a lot less chill.

By Lindsay Tigar

When you’re feeling a little fancy on movie night (or just a random Tuesday when you can’t be bothered to even boil water for pasta), you might throw a little shaved Parmesan on your popcorn. Or some truffle salt. But let’s be real: you're usually not even spending in the double-digits on popcorn, right? Maybe that's because the phrase "luxury popcorn" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Which is why we’re impressed that a product like Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn can even exist at all.

Photo courtesy of Berco's Popcorn.

Rapper 2 Chainz just tasted this uber-posh popcorn (which, despite its name, doesn’t actually cost a billion dollars, but it does cost a whopping $5 a kernel and $500 for a tin) on GQ’s video series, "Most Expensive S***’". In the video, the founder of Berco's, Matt Bercovitz, walks Chainz through the tasting, beginning with the best-selling cheddar flavor and then moving on to the "Way Too Expensive White Truffle" blend tossed with truffle butter (Nicki Minaj would be a fan). Last comes the Billion Dollar Popcorn, dusted in (you guessed it) gold flakes—that would be 23-karat gold flakes—along with what is allegedly the priciest salt in the universe.

The salt is flown in from the small island of Leso in Denmark and costs $10 a pound, and it's apparently so good, 2 Chainz fakes doing a line of it off his hand. Then the three proceed to eat straight edible gold flakes, at a cost of $125 to $150 per gram. Unsurprisingly, this isn’t 2 Chainz's first time eating gold, so he demonstrates his proficiency at this task, with pro-skater Nyjah Huston by his side.

As for the gold-dusted Billion Dollar Popcorn? 2 Chainz's verdict: "really addictive." Bercovitz explains that folks come into his store to buy one single kernel of the stuff for $5. Even 2 Chainz is seemingly shocked by this level of indulgence, even though the guy has more than his fair share of experience in the finer (or at least the more expensive) things in life. He’s also checked out Shaq’s $250,000 car, tried on $48,000 vintage sunglasses, and even tested out luxe baby products. If you want to join 2 Chainz on his journey through the lifestyle products of the rich and famous, check back every other week for a new episode.

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