Ashley Madison Website Tries Luring New Cheaters With Weird TV Commercials

Ashley Madison Website Tries Luring New Cheaters With Weird TV Commercials

After years of radio jingles, the company aims for a different spin on promotion. 

By Marianne Garvey

Ashley Madison has changed its tune—from that annoying radio jingle to your television screens. 

In an effort to rebrand after the company was hacked in 2015, the cheating website has created some commercials, which are dark, depressing, and funny all to deliver one special message—we’re here to make your cheating fantasies a reality. 

The company needed a change after scaring away potential members after a group calling itself Impact Team released a list of paying customers on the site, including their payment info and email addresses. At the time AM had 37 million members. The hack even revealed that Ashley Madison’s own founder Noel Biderman was using the site, despite claims he was faithful to his wife.

Now they are attempting to make a comeback. Their TV ads, which will air this week, are aiming to build trust with their cheating customers, and trying to lure in new customers, who aim to be a complete dishonest jerk to the one person they promised they would not.

Three different commercials will air, featuring potential affairs in a hotel, a subway, and in a restaurant. 

Here, we review them. 

The first starts with an unhappy blonde lady in an ill-fitting white button down who does every day normal things like read the internet and slice a cucumber. But the lack of excitement in her daily life makes her very sad. Plus, her husband had the nerve to reject her freshly sliced cucumber (you'll see), so the next day at work she grows brave enough to accept an envelope from a chubby guy in a yellow shirt, which is marked "conference tickets,” which we all know is a euphemism for “hotel hookup," because that is what she is planning to do.

Seconds later she checks in at some anonymous hotel, and happens to arrive at the desk alongside a gray-haired man who should have landed a role in Twilight. He also kind of has bangs, but only on the left. This excites the blonde woman and she smiles to herself because she’s totally going to cheat on her cucumber-hating husband. 

A description of the commercial reads, “A fleeting smile and exchange of looks in a hotel lobby remind a woman in a relationship what it feels like to be desired. #findyourmoment.”

The second commercial starts with a couple sitting on a couch, with a blanket one of their sweet grandmothers obviously knitted them as a wedding present strewn across the back. Cut to, they are suddenly on the subway for some inexplicable reason. Then jump back to the apartment, where they both sit on the couch again, looking like they are about to cry. Then back to the subway, then a party, where a pretty redhead serving cocktails approaches the couple, who communicate to each other with their eyes that they find her very attractive. Then they try to creep the redheaded waitress out, who is returning their stares, but probably because she wants a tip. We don’t know if she went home with the couple or complained to the host, but just the thought of her made the couple stop being sad on the couch, so we guess that's good. 

“A content, but bored couple meet another woman and consider the possibilities. #findyourmoment,” reads the description. 

Finally, a guy who looks like he downed 17 shots of whiskey the night before, wakes up with a horrible hangover so he needs to eat. He sits in his underwear spreading a ton of sugary jam on two pieces of toast then starts chomping away to try to get rid of his hangover. But he is alone with his toast. And sad. He tries to wash his sadness away with oranje juice. It may be delicious, but fresh-squeezed juice, although a delight to his tastebuds, can't fill the hole in his lonely heart.

On the way to work, (possibly with a toupée on his head) he nearly cries on the subway, then again in the elevator at work. What is wrong, sad man? 

It quickly becomes clear sad man hates his job, which involves stapling papers together. Something about the clock striking 3:13 also makes him very sad in the afternoon. Soon, he’s back on the subway with a mustache we didn’t notice before and is rocking back and forth while eyeballing some nice professional young woman across the subway car. She smiles at him, but it’s probably just to alert him that she's onto his plan to follow her home. Oh, and all of a sudden, his mustache is gone. After close examination (and six replays) it appears it was just a shadow and not a mustache. 

This one reads, “A single man experiences an unexpected moment of connection on his daily commute.


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Personal Space is Bravo's home for all things "relationships," from romance to friendships to family to co-workers. Ready for a commitment? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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