Check Out This Unbelievable Exploding Valentine's Dessert

Check Out This Unbelievable Exploding Valentine's Dessert

Drop the Bombe on me, baby.

By Marcy de Luna

A box of chocolates is sooo predictable. Want to give your Valentine a treat the likes of which he or she has never seen before—guaranteed? Check out the epic “That’s the Bombe” dessert at New York City's Pan-Latin restaurant Zengo for a whole new twist on the incredible exploding dessert

At Zengo, run by talented chef Richard Sandoval, two servers will show up to prepare the dessert tableside: As you and your lucky date watch, they'll fill a chocolate sphere with a combination of bananas, mixed berries, dulce de leche ice cream, pineapple-Champagne sorbet, cream-cheese mousse and almond cookie crumbs. Then...

They'll abruptly drop the whole shebang on a tablemat, shattering the dessert into a bazillion heartbreaking pieces. Because, you know, sometimes love hurts.

But that's when the deliciousness starts: A server swoops in to drizzle three sauces—caramel, vanilla and raspberry—on top of the scrumptious mess. And now it's your turn to take over, and feed each other until there isn't a speck left. 

If that’s not enough to swoop your date off his/her feet, there’s always the downstairs tequila lounge.


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