Cheeseburger Chunk Ice Cream Is a Thing: Are You Ready for This?

Cheeseburger Chunk Ice Cream Is a Thing: Are You Ready for This?

Feast your eyes.

By Drew DiSabatino

Oh dearest food mashups. We meet again.

It’s been a minute or two, but not long enough that we can turn a blind eye to the pain you’ve caused us over the years. Sure, we had some good times, but other days you left us feeling nauseated and grief-stricken.

Now however, you’ve really outdone yourself. You’ve taken two of the things we hold most dear and combined them into one monstrosity so hideous, so stomach-turning, so nightmare-inducing, it’s likely we’ll never eat again.

(At least until our next meal. Or a little sooner if we’re feeling peckish/find out someone brought in cupcakes for their birthday.)

But we digress.

Turn your eyes now to the creature we’re speaking of: the abomination that is one Big Mac, broken down and rebuilt in cream and cold to become the most disgusting frozen treat of all time: Burger Chunk Ice Cream.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/LoveFoodExtra.

Posted originally to the Facebook page Love Food, the video shows a double cheeseburger broken down and worked into a flat circle of ice cream. Scrapers are then used to turn that meat-filled ice cream into rolls, which are subsequently topped with a chicken nugget and a helping heap of ketchup and/or BBQ sauce.

If you think that’s gross you’re in good company, based on the ease with which said video worked its way to the front of Reddit’s r/sh*ttyfoodporn page.

On Love Food’s original post they invite viewers to tag someone they know who would try this frozen monstrosity.

Here’s hoping nobody comes to mind.

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